Do you notice a strange smell when you turn on the air conditioner?

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Do you notice a strange smell when you turn on the air conditioner? Does it take longer for it to cool the room? Is there dust build-up in the wind outlet? If you’ve detected these factors, it might be time to service your air-conditioning unit. This not only rids the unit of mould and bacteria, but can also help to keep electricity bills down!

For more details, call 6467-4778 or visit www.sd-aircon.com.
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Stay cool in the heat with Efenz’s Kith Collection, a line of super silent and eco-friendly fans. With specially designed ECM DC 155 motors, the fans are able to generate strong airfl ow. Inspired by the wings of an aeroplane, the unique three-piece curved blade design not only looks good, but also allows the fans to withstand stress caused by spinning at high speeds. Best of all, they are made of an anti-rust material, which means fussfree maintenance and less dust accumulation. Choose from five snazzy colours: White, Black, Natural Pine, Maple Wood, and Midnight Titanium (pictured).

The Efenz Kith Collection is available at authorised retailers from $698. Visit www.efenz.com.sg for more information.
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With a classic wood veneer finish that never goes out of style, this neat console adds a rustic charm to any home. Its black metal legs add just a hint of industrial vibe, while a high-gloss stone top keeps it classy. It’s perfect for concealing unsightly cables or housing an entertainment centre.

The Mondi Infiniti Crate TV Sideboard retails for $590 at all Star Living outlets. For more details, visit www.starliving.com.sg.