Founder of decorator’s notebook, an online store for luxurious, artisanal products.

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Founder of decorator’s notebook, an online store for luxurious, artisanal products.

Decorating is in Priti Devi’s genes – the passion for it goes back to her grandfather, the well-known Francophile Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala, India. From the mini-Versailles palace she grew up in, to the smaller but equally beautiful homes her mother decorated, Priti learnt to appreciate the beauty of elegant things from a young age. It was only after she retired from her professional career that she spent more time designing homes, both her own and her friends’. However, this was coupled with a challenge to find unique products. After befriending numerous artisans and makers, she launched Decorator’s Notebook – a collection of globally sourced handmade items. She shares with us some tips on decorating and designing a home.

How can homeowners develop their own style?

Travel, look around and bring the inspiration home. Doing up a home is not easy as there are so many rules, but if you like the colours or setting of a beautiful place, try it with a small room – it will grow from there. If you are totally unsure, ask someone!

What are some decorating tips passed down from your mother?

Always buy quality products, and always make an effort – from styling a table to presenting food.

What are you inclined to do with your own home?

My husband goes crazy because I keep changing things, such as the look of a sofa simply with a new set of cushions or a table with fresh flowers. I also take home beautiful artisanal items from my travels, which are available on Decorator’s Notebook.

What is the beauty of handmade items?

The maker’s personality and pride goes into creating the product, and they will ensure it is finished to perfection. Every artisanal item bought goes into the continuation of the individual’s talent.


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"Wherever I’ve lived or travelled to, the aesthetic value of my home has
been exceedingly important to me," says Priti, who has designed a
number of homes.

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Priti hopes to turn Decorator’s Notebook into a global market place for young emerging designers, and shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted decor items.

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These black and copper bowls by husband-andwife design team Derycke Gael and Uma Farida make elegant table accessories.