Love Is In The Air

Call me a romantic, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the month of February.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Call me a romantic, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the month of February.

My Reading Room

Coinciding with the dawn of spring, this is a time when we are surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful blossoms, from crimson-coloured hyacinths to dainty pink cherry blossoms and purple irises. As a result, the local florists are stocked with the season’s most colourful blooms. For me, resisting the temptation to bring some of them home becomes a futile attempt.

What’s interesting to note is how flowers can soften the look of a room, making it cosier and more inviting. They become an essential element in decorating when you want to create a space to nest in. Now, the concept of “nesting” – in terms of interior styling – can be defined as the act of creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere that entices you to stay in. With the hectic lives we lead, nesting has become a popular choice for many urbanites, too. That’s why we’ve put together a delectable lineup in this issue, filled with plenty of ideas to inspire you on the subject. 

For ideas, take a look at filling your spaces with soft textures and sensual forms in our accessories spread, Sense & Sensuality, on page 50. The bedroom is one of the most private and personal spaces where we spend the most time resting in, so find out how you can transform your sleeping area into an exclusive private retreat in Room To Dream (from page 56) to complement your nesting efforts. Take a look at 10 sexy suites from some of the trendiest hotels around the world in The Ultimate Retreat (from page 66) to glean tips on enhancing your interior style. No bedroom is complete without a proper walk-in wardrobe, so we sought the advice of local designers in Best Dressed (from page 78) to learn about designing a walk-in wardrobe that suits your needs and lifestyle. Loving your home is also an expression of loving yourself, so enjoy these informative reads and be inspired to treat yourself to a beautiful nest you can snuggle in and proudly call your own.