Find out how you can save time and money by ensuring that your air-conditioner is well-maintained.

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Air-conditioning systems are an integral part of local households, as they provide relief from the hot and humid tropical weather we experience in Singapore. For instance, they help to cool down bedrooms before homeowners turn in for the night, and are essential to our comfort.

However, this reliance on air-conditioners means they are constantly subjected to long periods of usage. Over time, this could result in issues of low performance, such as not being able to maintain cool air at a constant temperature, leaks and breakdowns. Without proper maintenance, the air-conditioner can even be harmful to health as it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, as well as spread dust and germs into the air.

If you’ve experienced an unpleasant odour emitting from your air-con, this could be due to mould or bacteria lurking in the system. If no action is taken, this might lead to health issues such as allergies and respiratory problems. What can you do to prevent these problems from arising?

Air-con cleaning and servicing specialist SD-Aircon, which offers Japanese-style premium service where punctuality and detailed execution are among the key highlights of its services, advises that regular cleaning is important, in order to keep your family safe and healthy in a cool home.

Not only does thorough cleaning help remove bacteria and mould, it can also translate into reduced energy consumption. When dust particles get trapped in the air-conditioning unit, the appliance loses its effectiveness, and needs to “work harder” to get to the desired set temperature.

If you’re worried that the cleaning and servicing works might dirty your home, fret not. The experienced specialists at SD-Aircon are well-equipped in ensuring service execution is as seamless and fuss-free as possible. Also, all items in the room will be covered before cleaning is done. So don’t wait till the air-conditioner breaks down before servicing it. Make an appointment with the team from today.

Quick tip from SD-Aircon: Set the air-con at 25 deg C, if you’re a homeowner who is used to lower temperature settings. This is because an increase of 1 deg C can save you almost $25 per month in electrical bills.