Art Nouveau and Art Deco meet in this trendy Parisian restaurant.

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Art Nouveau and Art Deco meet in this trendy Parisian restaurant.

There’s a hint of old-style glamour in the main dining hall of the restaurant.

Last November, Beefbar finally arrived a few steps away from Paris’s most famous avenue, the Champs-Elysees. 

With restaurants in Monaco, Budapest, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cannes, Mykonos and Mexico City, Beefbar – founded by Riccardo Giraudi, who aimed to create modern luxury in a chic yet friendly atmosphere – now extends its winning formula of offering Michelin-starred cuisine amid a designer setting to the posh French capital. 

The focus of the interior design is on creating a warm atmosphere with touches of refinement and simplicity. As with its other outlets, Beefbar Paris was designed by architecture studio Humbert & Poyet (founded in 2008 by Paris-born Emil Humbert and Monaco-born Christophe Poyet). 

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Richly-hued marble wainscoting adds to the luxurious feel in the dining hall.

“We communicate constantly throughout a project,” says Christophe. “Our symbiosis forms the foundations of our projects and ensures the space that we’ve imagined works.” 

The starting point of this Parisian restaurant was the main Art Nouveau room, which was in a state of disrepair but had been registered as a historical monument since 1983. Its arches, pilasters, friezes and enamelled ceramic panels – which adorn the space – were restored to their former glory, thanks to the help of the best artisans. 

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Gold accents inject a contemporary flair to the overall look of the reception area.

Designed in 1898 by architect Emile Hurtre and painted by Jules Wielhorski, the exceptional atrium was abandoned and walled during World War II to be hidden from the Nazis, before being rediscovered in 1983. 

Entirely repainted in green and bronze in reference to its past, featuring vegetal and geometric patterns, this historical room inspired Humbert & Poyet to create a contrast between old and contemporary, while balancing sobriety and eccentricity throughout the entire restaurant. In addition to the atrium, the brasserie houses a meat cellar with walnut, marble and brass features, and a bar decorated with leather and mirrors cut into slats. 

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Even with the dizzying amount of detail in the design, the restaurant exudes a lighthearted and inviting atmosphere.

Grandiose yet comfortable, Beefbar Paris mixes several influences, from Art Nouveau elements and Art Deco details (in marble, brass and lacquered walnut) to a modern loft-style ceiling to great effect.

Good to know

Beefbar is a chain  of restaurants  specialising in steaks, founded by Riccardo Giraudi in 2005. Its first flagship in South-east Asia is located in Hong Kong.

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Photos Francis Amiand