Got a relationship problem? JASON GODFREY, our man about town, is here to help.

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Got a relationship problem? JASON GODFREY, our man about town, is here to help.

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My husband hates social media. He doesn’t like the idea of me sharing pictures of us and our son on Facebook and Snapchat. I find it hard to understand what’s wrong, since everyone is doing it. Am I being insensitive?

It’s perhaps unbelievable in this age of sharing everything online, but there are people who don’t enjoy it. I suppose your husband is one of them. And maybe he’s not wrong. Social media is great for sharing moments with family and close friends, but you may also be revealing personal information to acquaintances and total strangers. Look at who you’re sharing with and why, then re-evaluate if your husband has a point or not.

My husband and I have four kids. Naturally, I spend a lot of time tending to them, but he says I’m putting the kids before him! Why doesn’t he see that they are our top priority?

Your husband’s stance is a little bit, well, childish. When you have children, it’s expected that their care and needs come first. You should both be happy to sacrifice for them! That said, some women do tend to disappear into caring for their children and ignore their relationships with their husbands. So do take time out to spend with each other, keep your relationship strong, and maybe your husband will stop whining.

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My guy chatted up a woman at his office cafeteria and they’ve been texting. When I requested to see her messages, he deleted them in front of me! He insisted she’s getting married and isn’t a threat. Should I be suspicious?

Yes! In my experience, guys don’t just randomly make friends with girls in the office cafeteria and then spend time texting them. Guys are active, they build friendships by doing – rock climbing, gaming, drinking... these are the things guys do to forge closer friendships. Simply texting? That’s something guys do when they’re trying to get to know a girl. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some attraction at play here.

I’ve broken up with my man twice in the past year, but I always end up taking him back – he’s fantastic at grovelling, emotional blackmail and making promises. How do I break up with him for good?

Ever hear of the witness relocation programme? Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but the solution is similar: it involves you cutting off the other person completely. Some people – like your boyfriend – are very good at manipulating us into getting back into relationships we don’t want to be in. If you really want to be done with him, break up with him from a distance – via text, e-mail, iMessage – and don’t wait for him to respond. Just block him. Hopefully, that works and you don’t have to change your name and identity just to break up with him.

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