Put a Spring in Your Skin

Get with the latest trend in K-beauty: “springy” skin that looks plump and radiant.

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Get with the latest trend in K-beauty: “springy” skin that looks plump and radiant.

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The K-beauty train shows no signs of stopping. That’s why Bellezza Aesthetics turned to it when it created its Dewy Glow Booster ($268 for 40min), which utilises the latest technology in South Korea to give you plump and “springy” skin that bounces back quickly when pressed.

Before starting the facial proper, a skin analysis is done to determine your skin’s condition and unique needs. A double cleanse follows, after which a Dewy Glow serum is infused into skin using the “Dewy Glow Technology” – an advanced technology from South Korea that is approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and designed to hydrate and brighten skin for a more luminous appearance, minimise the look of pores, stimulate collagen production and refine facial contours. The Luminous Max Cocktail is then applied. Formulated with antioxidants, minerals, hyaluronic acid and brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, the cocktail is said to help restore skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production for firmer skin and a more contoured face, kill bacteria and rebalance the skin’s pH level.

And to wrap up things up: a moisturiser to ensure your skin is sufficiently hydrated, and sunblock to protect against UV rays.

The promise here is that skin instantly looks plumper, dewier and more radiant post-facial, with fewer blemishes and less-obvious pores.