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Beautiful, lustrous hair starts with a clean and healthy scalp.

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Beautiful, lustrous hair starts with a clean and healthy scalp.

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That the scalp can be plagued by issues such as oiliness, dryness and dandruff is common knowledge. What’s less commonly known is the fact that an unhealthy scalp can directly impact the growth and quality of your hair, causing it to lose its strength and resilience. And when that happens, the average shampoo, conditioner and haircare product won’t help – because they’re not addressing the root of the problem: the scalp.

Backed by over a century of scalp-care experience, Japanese brand Shiseido designed its The Hair Care Fuente Forte line to help treat scalp issues, working to maintain a healthy scalp for lustrous, commercial-worthy hair. In line with this, it created the Fuente Forte Scalp Vitality Treatment ($100 for short hair; $110 for long hair), an hour-long in-salon hair spa.

The treatment, which is available at Hair Cube Novena Square, starts with a scalp cleanse using Circulist Cleanser, which gently removes impurities thanks to carbonated foam, said to also promote blood circulation. A shampoo follows, after which a scalp mask is applied and massaged in. Next up is a conditioner, then the Circulist Soda, a scalp serum with carbonated bubbles that moisturise the scalp while refreshing it – to boost circulation, this, too, is massaged in. To wrap up, a dose of Power Beauty Drop is applied – this comes in three variants: for delicate scalps, dry scalps and oily scalps.

Expect a clean, refreshed scalp – all the better for healthy hair growth – and a revitalised mane that not only looks vibrant and healthy, but is also delicately scented with a stress-relieving orchid fragrance (courtesy of the products used).

The salon offers treatments that work on a range of scalp issues, as well as homecare products that help prolong their effects. Ask a therapist to recommend the most suitable ones for you.

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