How to achieve the coveted V-shaped face – without invasive surgery.

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How to achieve the coveted V-shaped face – without invasive surgery.

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It’s no secret that plastic surgery is a booming industry in South Korea, and back when the K-wave first began, you could be pretty sure that many celebrities with slim V-shaped faces had gone under the knife to achieve their looks. But according to Dr Benjamin Yim, founder of Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics & Laser Centre, this is no longer the case. 

“Traditionally, this was achieved through surgery, with increased risk and downtime. However, you can now attain this look with the use of minimally invasive methods. When used appropriately, they can lift the lower face, create better definition and give you a more youthful look,” he says. 

Here, Dr Yim explains the different treatments available: 

In your 20s 

There are several ways to get a slimmer look, but it will depend on the age and condition of your skin. Younger women can try these treatments. 

1. Fillers.

Injections of hyaluronic acid can be used on the cheekbones to enhance the shape of the face and make it look lifted. When injected into the chin, fillers can make the face appear longer. The effect is said to last up to a year. 

2. Botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox).

It can be injected into the lower part of the face to contour the area, especially if the masseter (outer cheek) muscle is prominent and gives you a “square-jawed” appearance. Botox causes muscles to relax and eventually reduce in size. This is recommended for younger people with minimal sagging, as Botox has no effect on skin and fat. Results usually last for a few months. 

In your 30s and above 

Older women tend to desire a more lifted and firmer facial shape. This can be achieved through a number of procedures. 

1. Fillers.

They can enhance the bony framework of the face to support the skin. 

2. Threadlift.

Resorbable sutures (threads) are inserted under the skin and “anchored” to higher points, which lifts sagging skin and gives the face a more defined appearance. Done under local anaesthetic, this procedure can reshape the face immediately, and lasts up to 18 months. There may be some swelling and bruising, but they usually diminish within one to two weeks. 

3. Thermage and Ulthera.

Using radio frequency and ultrasound respectively, they work on deeper layers of skin by boosting collagen production, and tightening and lifting skin. Both can cause a warm sensation during treatment and some swelling post-procedure. Results appear gradually over three to five months, and are said to last up to two years.