It can be the hardest thing when you’re set in your ways. The Her World team share how we did it.

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It can be the hardest thing when you’re set in your ways. The Her World team share how we did it.

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Climbing the stairs

“I take the stairs to get to my sixth-floor flat in a bid to keep fit. Even when I feel unmotivated, I make it a point to walk up to the third floor before taking the lift the rest of the way up – just doing it (albeit halfway) helps maintain the habit. So far, I’ve managed to climb the stairs at least five times a week.” – Cheryl Tang, intern

Exercising thrice a week

“Since 2015, I’ve been doing high-intensity interval training thrice weekly (I didn’t exercise for seven years prior to that). My tip? Start small. I began with regular 15-minute sessions on the treadmill or stationary bike, and increased these to 30-minute sessions over time. It also helps to identify the specific factors standing in the way of developing a habit; I was too lazy to travel to fitness studios after work, so I switched to Youtube exercise routines I could do at home.” – Jeanne Tai, associate deputy editor

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Running twice a week

“My parents and I run every Tuesday and Thursday. While it may seem difficult to exercise after a day at the office, having running buddies really helps. When I’m unmotivated, my parents will encourage me and run at a slower pace with me. When they don’t feel up to it, I’ll nag them! Getting out of the house is half the battle won.” – Aretha Loh, features writer

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Eating healthier

“It’s all about making simple decisions. For instance, deciding to have a salad for lunch instead of fast food, so that I’ll have more veggies in my diet.” – Karin Tan, assistant fashion stylist

Reading regularly

“The ironic thing about working in publishing is that I’ve been reading less regularly than before – it’s hard to concentrate on even more words when you’ve spent the entire day trying to craft or edit them. To ensure that I still get some reading done, I save all my books and magazines for flights. Luckily, I travel fairly regularly, and my lack of data connectivity on board flights means I have nothing else to focus on. I once finished two books during a round trip to Melbourne!” – Tan Min Yan, lifestyle editor

Drinking more water

“I never used to be consistent about drinking water until I realised that dehydration contributed to my constant headaches, dull skin and wrinkles. Now, I down a glass of water the minute I get out of bed. I also have a large glass bottle on my work desk that I refill at least twice a day. If you don’t like the taste of water, add some fruit to it to make it more palatable.” – Charmaine Lee, beauty writer


These apps might help – and they're free too!

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Build a habit and have fun while you’re at it with this role-playing game. Simply key in your habits and goals, then create a custom avatar. Level up and unlock game features by checking off goals. You can even join a party and battle monsters with friends to motivate one another – party members will lose virtual health if any one member doesn’t meet his/her daily goals.
Habitica is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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Tracking and forming habits are made easy with this app, which has a reminder function, and gives you an overview of your progress by way of analytics such as graphs denoting success percentages. There’s even a “streaks calendar” that tracks how many consecutive days you can observe your habit for, as well as an in-built forum.
Habitbull is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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Track your progress and connect with a supportive community through this app. You can even hire a personal productivity coach whom you can message for tips and encouragement for just $14.99. is available on iTunes, Google Play and the Web.