All you single foodies, put your hands up for BITE, Singapore’s first date-and-dine mobile app.

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All you single foodies, put your hands up for BITE, Singapore’s first date-and-dine mobile app.

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Getting to know someone and establishing a genuine connection requires human interaction – it could be a friendly smile, a warm embrace or an engaging conversation. It’s a fact many people forget or take for granted in this digital age.

That’s where BITE comes in. Unlike other dating apps where you simply “meet” people online, BITE is for people genuinely interested in forging real relationships, and offers the convenience of online dating with the honesty of a classic dinner (or lunch) date.

Meet and eat

All you need to do is post a Broadcast by setting the date, time, dinner venue, and even details like cuisine and who picks up the tab. Then sit back and see who “bites”. Next, simply pick a dining companion from those who have responded. You can also scroll through the feed to check out other Broadcasts and pick one that you are interested in.

When a date is fixed, the in-app chat feature is unlocked so you can start chatting in private even before dinner is served. The date is also marked on an in-app Calendar which allows you to stay on top of your appointments – perfect for busy lifestyles.

Find your ideal date

BITE profiles are designed to be detailed. Toggle a range of functions to customise the experience and meet your best match. The more information you share, the more Coins you’ll get. Coins, which you can also earn by logging in daily, or buying them from the in-app shop, give you access to additional functions like Follow and Invite.

Users are also given Hearts, which are needed to post Broadcasts or take a Bite. Every Heart takes 20 minutes to refill. As they’re limited to 10 for each user, spamming is reduced and users are encouraged to Broadcast and Bite thoughtfully. Urgently in need of a Heart? Use Coins to purchase a refill.

Food for thought

If you need dining suggestions, simply browse the Restaurant Feed for exclusive offers and great food-and-date recommendations from selected partner restaurants. Whether you’re two peas in a pod or as different as chalk and cheese, there’s only one way to find out: BITE! The app will be launched on Jan 4 and available for download at Google Play and the App Store.

My Reading Room

• DRESS THE PART Express your personality through your choice of outfit.

• COMMUNICATE Listen as much as you speak. Out of topics? Talk about food!

• DON’T BE LATE It’s never nice sitting alone at a table for two. Be on time.

• GO EASY ON THE DRINKS A glass of wine or two, tops. Pick another day to get sloshed.

• PUT THE PHONE AWAY Your date should have your full attention. Foodstagram can wait.