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For Californian chill, men’s stuff, Frisco brews and the best sourdough toast.

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For Californian chill, men’s stuff, Frisco brews and the best sourdough toast.

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What is Californian chill? For Californian husband-and-wife team, Dustin Ramos, 36, and Iris Sangalang, 35, it’s a relaxed, unhurried way of life with an emphasis on quality casual things.

The pair has lived in Japan, London and New York City (where they founded and sold tech and finance start-ups before moving to Singapore two and a half years ago for work). But Cali living is what inspired them to open their first store, Monument Lifestyle, here at 75 Duxton Road (instead of Amsterdam or LA) – a decision influenced by the people they’ve met here.

“People here are global citizens, more so than in San Francisco and New York City where we lived, which resonates with us,” says Sangalang, who is expecting the couple’s first child. “And we figured it would be a great place to raise a family.”

To differentiate their general store from others, the couple did what most IT folks do: fill a gap in the market. “We found it’s hard to find high-quality, curated menswear here,” says Sangalang.

Designed for relaxed browsing with product selections kept streamlined to not overwhelm their target group – men – with too many choices, the front half of the store stocks a tightly edited selection of menswear, homeware, grooming and gift items from American brands loved by the couple: Alex Mill (launched by the son of  J Crew’s founder) for the best basics in the some of  the best cotton; Faherty (by twin bros Alex and Mike; the latter used to work for Ralph Lauren) for beach essentials, surfwear label Katin, indie candle maker P.F. Candle Co, and grooming brands Gentlemen’s Hardware and Hanz de Fuko, most of  which are new here and exclusive to Monument Lifestyle. 

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