Have A Sex Life While Living With Your Folks?

Yes, it’s possible! Here’s how these couples get some –discreetly, of course! –even with their parents in the next room.

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Yes, it’s possible! Here’s how these couples get some –discreetly, of course! –even with their parents in the next room.

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“If I’m in the mood for sex while the family is watching TV, I’ll casually ask my husband if he can help me with something on my laptop. That’s my secret phrase for ‘I want you now!’” – Gina*, 34, entrepreneur.
“With our parents in the next room, we try to keep it down. We’ve found that the ‘quietest’ position for sex is to do it sideways. You don’t move as much in this position so there’s barely any noise, yet you’re almost always guaranteed an orgasm.” – Diana*, 30, PR executive.
“I can get quite vocal when having sex. If my parents are home while I’m at it with my man, I just bite on a pillow to drown out the moans.” – Deborah*, 32, hospitality manager.
“About three or four times a month, we send my parents-in-law out so we can have the whole apartment to ourselves. My husband gives them money for shopping or buys them movie tickets, drives them to Orchard Road and then picks them up when they’re done. While they are out, we try to make the most of those few precious hours of privacy.” – Jennifer Goh, 32, publicity executive.
“We have an old bed that creaks at the slightest movement, so having sex on it is out of the question. Thankfully, Hubby and I have an en-suite bathroom, so we usually do it in the shower standing up.” – Teresa*, 30, writer.
“My husband just gives me a look. When he catches my eye, he raises his eyebrows slightly, as if to say, ‘So, are you up for it?’. That’s my signal that he’s feeling frisky.” – Amanda*, 38, sales manager.
“Luckily for us, my parents-in-law turn up the volume really high when they’re watching TV. The flat is small, so my husband and I have to wait till his folks settle in front of the television before we can have sex, which is usually between 8pm and 11pm. But once the TV is on, you could play the drums right next to them and they wouldn’t know.” – Leanne Chua, 34, self-employed.
“My man and I sleep on a worn sofa bed in my parents’ spare room. When we feel like having sex, we lay out an unused yoga mat, spread a couple of thick towels over it and just go for it. There’s no way we can have sex on the sofa bed because it has old creaky coi ls.” – Tanya*, 33, musician.
“While the family’s watching TV together, I’ll inconspicuously squeeze my hubby’s thigh. If he’s feeling up for sex, he’ll put his hand over mine and give it a squeeze.” – Wendy*, 32, administrative assistant.
*Names have been changed.

Sound familiar? Well, here are a few other euphemisms couples use to signal their desire for each other.
“Can I have milk with my waffles?”
“The Wi-Fi’s stronger in the other room”


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