Sakulrath Huttakit, 29

Sakulrath (second from right) says her friends are always up for a night out, or for a house party.

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Sakulrath (second from right) says her friends are always up for a night out, or for a house party.
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“I’m about to meet my friends at our favourite place, Levels Club on Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Five of us are going out tonight. We love this place because of its location – which is not too far from my home – and the crowd is good too.

Bangkok may not be my home town, but I’ve lived here most of my life. It’s where I finished high school and university. I love that the city never sleeps and there are always so many things to do. The best part is that I also have family living here.

I work as a private tutor. I’ve been teaching primary and secondary school students at the World Study Center for three years. My classes are usually made up of one student, or small groups of up to six students. This job means that I am busier on weekends than weekdays. Such an unusual schedule works out for me because I don’t want to face the terrible traffic in Bangkok if I go out during peak hours.

During my free time, I play badminton with my friends and younger sister from about 8-10pm on Tuesdays and Sundays. We prefer to go at night because the badminton courts won’t be so crowded.

We might not be good at it, but we enjoy the exercise, and we always have fun.

On Thursdays and Fridays, we usually go clubbing. It’s funny how difficult it is to gather my friends for meals, but when it comes to clubbing, everybody says yes. Our favourite night clubs are Levels Club, Route 66, and Demo, whereas for bars, we have a fondness for Spec Bar and Cafe 69. If it’s football season and there’s a match on, we’ll have house parties – eating, drinking, and playing cards while watching the game.

But right now, I do think about how our country is still in transition, especially since the passing of our King last year.

I’m halfway through my MBA at this time. It is quite important for Thais to hold a master’s degree, but working and studying at the same time isn’t easy. My next plan is to help out with my family business, because my parents are getting older and need my sister and me to support them with more creative and innovative ideas to keep things going.”

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