Look more youthful with Astalift’s White Bright Lotion, which helps transform a dull complexion into a firmer and brighter one.

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Look more youthful with Astalift’s White Bright Lotion, which helps transform a dull complexion into a firmer and brighter one.
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As we age, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture and renew itself, resulting in a rough, dull look. And because light reflects off smooth, firm skin better, your complexion will look less radiant too.

Interesting titbit: a 2016 Fujifilm survey of 200 women aged 20 to 59 revealed that they noticed the setting in of a dull complexion at 32. It’s worthy to note, though, that the general consensus among skincare experts is that the skin starts to age naturally when we’re 25.

Which underscores the importance of using anti-ageing skincare when we’re in our mid-20s. Ideally, your antiageing skincare staples should have hydration, brightening and firming benefits.

Astalift White Bright Lotion ($64 for 130ml) fits the bill. With powerful ingredients that work on giving you firmer, clearer and more even-toned skin that’s also more luminous, this toning lotion preps the skin and moisturises it so it can better absorb the products that follow. Use it before your serum and/or moisturiser.


Since dehydrated skin tends to look dull, this lotion works on replenishing moisture with the help of the brand’s proprietary ingredient Nano AMA+. Made with three hydrating agents, it saturates the skin with moisture and helps it retain it. Working in tandem with it to keep skin moisturised is ferulic acid and a powerful polyphenol derived from rice bran that also counters free-radical damage to help prevent premature skin ageing.

Excessive melanin, which contributes to pigmentation issues, can also stand in the way of flawless skin. To help you with that, the lotion has arbutin, which reportedly regulates melanin production, reduces the look of spots and evens out skin tone.


To give your skin a naturallooking, soft-focus glow and keep it looking supple, the lotion is formulated with Nano Astaxanthin and three types of collagen. These purportedly work on reinforcing the skin’s structure for tighter, smoother and more supple-looking skin.


Daily stress, too, takes a toll on the skin, speeding up skin ageing and robbing it of its natural glow.

This lotion is designed to help you start and end each day with a relaxing ritual – its damask rose fragrance elevates your daily skincare regime to a pampering experience.
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