Stay-at-home mum of three/plane crash survivor.

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Stay-at-home mum of three/plane crash survivor.

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Surviving a plane crash is a distressing, life-changing event, and it was exactly this that turned Farzana’s world upside-down. She was only 18 years old, and four months into her job as an air stewardess, when the plane she was on crashed. Farzana suffered severe burns and experienced depression as a result of post traumatic stress disorder.

The accident left a deep, emotional impact on her, and she sought help through psychological counselling and psychiatric treatments. The process was long and slow, but therapy has helped overcome the trauma. “I realised that it is helpful to have someone to talk to and who listens to whatever worries you have. I would encourage people to get help if you feel upset or depressed, even if you have not suffered any accident,” she says. It has taught her to be more adaptable, and to see the best in whatever situation she faces, even if it is not positive.

Reflecting on modern women of today, she believes that they now have more choices and freedom to live the life they want. “It’s quite liberating but you have to live with the consequences.” She feels lucky to have insurance when she did, and to her, the benefits of having an insurance policy from a young age are clear. “You never know when an accident will happen or when your health will be affected. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


An insurance policy is one way to protect your changing needs and responsibilities. Income has designed Lady 360^, a regular premium protection plan tailored specifically for women and their needs. It provides comprehensive coverage for specific female illnesses and surgeries, postdiagnosis support, as well as death, giving you peace of mind as you tackle life’s challenges. The plan also offers:

Oocyte cryopreservation benefit (egg freezing before chemotherapy or radiotherapy to treat cancer).

Molecular gene expression profiling test for treatment guidance benefit due to breast cancer.

Outpatient psychiatric benefit, which provides support for major depressive disorder or anxiety disorder due to traumatic life events.

Complimentary health screening tailored to your needs every two years.

Waiver of premium for the next 24 months upon diagnosis of a specified female illness (or until the policy ends, whichever is earlier).

To learn more, speak to your Income adviser or chat online with an Income adviser at www.income.com.sg/AdviserConnect.