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Look rested and refreshed with a luxurious two-hour six-step facial.

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Look rested and refreshed with a luxurious two-hour six-step facial.

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The purpose of a facial isn’t to change your appearance; it’s to look like a better version of yourself – brighter, younger and more relaxed, like you’ve had a good night’s sleep and/ or a week’s holiday. Radium Medical Aesthetic’s Radium Radiance Signature ($568) is designed to deliver just that. The facial clocks in at an impressive two hours, and comprises six steps that involve the use of high-tech devices and concentrated skincare.

First, a cleanse and detox using Aquapeel, a gentle cleanser with antioxidants. Next, skin is infused with vitamin C, which has brightening and anti-ageing properties, via sonophoresis (the use of ultrasonic waves to push ingredients deep into the skin). Step three is all about brightening, aided by intense pulsed light therapy. A brightening mask follows, after which it’s off to lifting and anti-ageing therapies. The latter involves the use of TriPollar™, a device that delivers radio-frequency energy deep into the skin to reportedly tighten it and stimulate collagen production for a slimmer, more defined face.

The last step: the use of Radium Skin Megalift Skin Tightening Serum, which has botanical ingredients to help tighten skin, and nourishing algae and lactobacillus for an instant lifting effect. In the long run, these are said to support the formation of collagen to reduce sagging.