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I recently met two guys who are twins. One is quiet (and interested in me), the other is outgoing (whom I like). Should I go on a “double” date, single date (with each) or not at all?

OMG girl, you’ve struck gold! If it doesn’t work out with one, you have an instant do-over.

Ok, that’s terrible advice. Let’s not take either of them as a back-up plan. I get that you’re faced with a dilemma – one that’s worthy of a B-side story in a tween movie. The selfless answer to your question is: Avoid dating either of them to save the brothers from all that sibling rivalry.

But the realistic answer (that your heart tells you) is: You should probably only date the twin whom you really fancy.

As for your idea of going on a date with the two of them, uh… no please. Bad, bad idea.

I’m an average-looking gal, and an introvert who blends into the background. Is there something that I can do to attract the opposite sex?

Lucky for you, men are attracted to all kinds of women! Let me tell you as a man myself: No woman really blends into the background.

There is definitely a guy out there (for you) and he has noticed you and he’s thinking of making a move, the least you know. And the one thing a woman can do to attract the opposite sex: Keep on being a woman – and be yourself. Don’t change anything about you that makes you unique.

While you may feel like you’re part of the wallpaper, I assure you that there is someone for everyone. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because it takes a special guy to notice your quiet charm.

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Darling, I must say you’re as pretty as the wallpaper behind you.

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Being in love... ah, that feeling of being completely at ease with someone else is incredible. Then he concocts a special name for you, and decides that using your real names is no longer an option.

Pet names: You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Whether it’s “sugar pants”, or something unusual like “huggy bear”, I read that one has a higher chance of being happy with their partner if they do use one. Methinks it’s perfectly alright to call each other silly names when you’re (alone) cuddling on the couch. But it’s not something many of my gal pals appreciate when their boyfriends start calling them by their ridiculous pet names in public, especially over dinner with friends, who find it hard to keep their pasta down.

Put it this way, your mates don’t want to conjure up wild images of what you’re up to behind closed doors. If you’re partner is bent on using these names in public, it can be humiliating. Don’t get me wrong, some pet names are more acceptable than others. “Cutie”, “babe”, “baby”, and “gorgeous” are fine. I won’t go into the embarrassing ones that I’ve heard – and made my hair stand. Ladies, you do have the right to ask your men to stop – or change to a more acceptable name (for public use), if he can’t help it.

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