Footloose And Fancy-free.

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Footloose And Fancy-free.
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I blame Ab Fab the movie. It made me hanker for those glory designer days. Hurray— the runway shows reflected that energy for fall/winter 2016! But I needed a hook—something that updated the excess of the ’90s with greater purpose and rationale. So I am super excited to have our October issue devoted to dance and fashion-in-excess.

The music, the movies and, of course, the trends and fashion all coming together to do what every one of you can: Dance. Ok, I hear cries of “Noooooooo!” Well, you could manage a jig even if you can’t breakdance? Or a gentle sway if you don’t Cha Cha?

Dance, for me, all started at Zouk when it first opened—Singapore’s top dance club that had performers like Najip Ali going on-stage at the stroke of midnight with his troop of dancers waving electronic lights in their hands; and all the fashionistas dressed to the nines in Gaultier.

Everyone dressed to kill—designer garb bought that day from the glittering boutiques of Club 21, Man and His Woman, and Glamourette. From Dolce&Gabbana to Pucci, Versace Jeans Couture to Dirk Bikkembergs, designer threads were all out on display at Zouk—resplendent with colour, print and a ton of gilt.

It was a fashion show every Friday and Saturday night—and being allowedVIP access to the club by Howie Leong (the dashing head of PR) or owner Lincoln Cheng meant entrance to the “members only” lounge that gave a bird’s-eye-view of Singapore’s glitterati boogieing the night away. It was a different era in music, fashion and clubbing.

Everyone was beautiful, the music was incredible and when the clock hit midnight, the hottest song came on with dizzying spotlights. It was when Madonna’s “Vogue” was the style anthem, and a thousand flaying arms encased in JPG’s iconic tattoo netted tops Vogued like there was no tomorrow. I remember Ritz Lim and Roy Chan—in the tightest designer outfits, oozing charm from every pore.

The fashion royals held court right in the midst of Singapore’s beautiful people. For this issue, I paid a visit back to where it all started for me— with a hilarious and tongue-in-cheek tribute to the halcyon days of fashion fabulosity.

Together with RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, BAZAAR showcases the most incredible collections from fall/winter that will make you want to Zouk-out, dance away and party like it’s 1999.

We also show you how to get that enviable dancer’s body on page 176 with workouts that would guarantee that crop top stays as a wardrobe essential.

And with supermodel cover star Hilary Rhoda showing you just how she does her pas de trois on page 202, take inspiration and groove like it’s in the heart.

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