Focusing on the individual, this all-rounded Montessori curriculum is enhanced with daily enrichment classes.

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Focusing on the individual, this all-rounded Montessori curriculum is enhanced with daily enrichment classes.

Children learn best with an individualised learning approach, and the Montessori method, which emphasises maximising a child’s innate potential by giving each child time to grasp concepts on their own before moving on to more advanced levels, has seen children overcome learning difficulties more quickly and excelling ahead of their peers.

Classes at Brighton Montessori utilise the entire Montessori spectrum of training methods to prepare kids for formal schooling later on. The focus is on five areas: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. Under Practical Life Skills, kids perform daily activities, such as spooning pasta from one bowl to another. These activities provide hands-on experiences that encourage a child’s concentration and coordination skills.

Sensorial materials are also incorporated to aid children with the development of their senses, so they learn about colour, weight, size, texture and smell. These are essential skill sets that develop their perception skills, which form the ground work for Mathematics. Children learn to work on tangible tools like Montessori Number Rods and Golden Beads.

Under the Language module, kids then learn to read by learning phonic sounds through fun activities. As they slowly learn to read by blending words, they’ll progress to Consonant Digraphs and Vowel Digraphs as they grow older. The Cultural Studies module then opens up their world with age-appropriate topics that touch on science, botany and geography.


1. Remember: Every child is unique. Taking longer to understand a concept, does not mean that a child is “slow.”

2. Research has shown that the way children learn is dependent on factors such as genetics, brain development and temperament. No two kids are alike in their pace and style of learning.

3. An individualised approach maximises a child’s potential.

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The ICIP programme provides a strong foundation for kids by immersing them in a strictly Mandarinspeaking environment. A combination of comprehensive materials and fun activities encourage them to develop both oral and written skills.

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Kids are engaged in creative and stimulating activities involving cookery, speech and drama, computer skills, or music.The enriched curriculum enhances your child’s language, creativity, social and emotional development, and problemsolving skills.

Brighton Montessori has seven schools located around Singapore. Call 6588 3883 or visit for more information.