It may seem natural to focus on a special relationship, but you must not ignore the demands of business, finances or contracts.

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DEC 22 - JAN 20

It may seem natural to focus on a special relationship, but you must not ignore the demands of business, finances or contracts. If your head is in the clouds, you could miss out on an opportunity that may never come round again. Remain alert, no matter how much you simply want to have a good time.


21 JANUARY – 19 FEBRUARY                                                         

Your work ethic will persuade you to take on extra responsibilities, and somebody watching from the sidelines will realise that you should be rewarded quite generously. If this brings out a jealous streak in rivals or competitors, tough it out and refuse to feel awkward or embarrassed. Think in terms of just rewards. 



Why some people challenge your off-beat ideas will be a mystery to you. Perhaps with Mars in your sign allied to your ruler Neptune, you’re coming across as airy-fairy rather than creative, which is how you would like to appear. Listen to a well-informed individual who will suggest how you might gain the support you crave. 


21 MARCH – 20 APRIL 

In a bid to accommodate some demanding individuals, you may desert on-going responsibilities. That’s fine, provided you are fully in control of business or financial developments from 12 January onwards. You sometimes allow yourself to be governed by your soft heart rather than the rough, tough world outside. 


21 APRIL – 21 MAY 

Colleagues or associates have made empty promises in the past and you’ve been disappointed that your progress hasn’t been as speedy as you had hoped. That must not prevent you from trusting incoming news regarding a promotion or boost to your finances. You need to give someone a chance to do right by you. 


22 MAY – 21 JUNE

Resist the urge to come down heavily on those failing to comply with you and your plans to enhance their lives and your own. True, their attitude will prove discouraging but that’s no excuse to let a Sun-Pluto connection bring out a judgmental streak in you. If others behave badly, they’ll lose out, not you. 


22 JUNE – 23 JULY

Be patient with those who are meant to pamper you in return for all you’ve done for them. They mean well but won’t be in a position to make a fuss of you until halfway through the month. Let them off lightly rather than remind them they’ve fallen short. Your forgiving side must speak for itself. 


24 JULY – 23 AUGUST 

Having had to bear heavy responsibilities, you should feel relieved as Mercury’s retrograde phase ends on 8 January. You’ll no longer be torn between things you ought to do and those you would like to do. Time to indulge in something heart-warming that is far removed from your usual routine? 



No matter how many projects have been lined up for you, don’t panic. If, and when, you’re under pressure to perform with great speed and accuracy, you’ll suddenly find you can do it. You’re more energetic and resourceful than several of the people close by, which is proving to be of enormous benefit to you. 



Don’t allow partnership or domestic upsets to linger. By around 10 January, when the Sun clashes with Uranus and, shortly afterwards, with Jupiter, promise yourself that you will put right whatever’s gone wrong and then insist that everybody moves on. Just make sure that your tone is assertive but without any hint of aggression.  



Ignore anyone suggesting that you’re too ambitious for your own good. But do check to make sure that you are not taking on more than you can comfortably manage, purely to get yourself noticed. Wearing yourself down could, in the long term, do a lot more harm than you think. Have you got your priorities right? 



At one point recently, you probably thought that a partnership stood very little chance of surviving. However, one or two glimmers of hope should lead to a far more optimistic attitude on your part. Keep discussing factors that could still become deal- breakers—some things cannot simply be swept under the carpet.