Our Team Reviews the Latest Beauty and Body Treatments

Jet Cell Lift.

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Jet Cell Lift.

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For: Dull, uneven skin.

Where: Jet Concepts, #03-05 Wheelock Place, tel: 6733-7055.

Price: $180 Duration: 45 minutes.

How: After cleansing and exfoliating my skin, the therapist conducts a microcurrent peel with a circular handheld device – it emits tiny electrical impulses at an ultra-low frequency to firm and tone skin. The same device is then used to suction my skin with vacuum pressure, which supposedly helps to improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Next, the device produces polarised bioactive currents to reportedly stimulate skin cells to produce collagen and restore moisture. A sheet mask infused with a hydrating essence is then placed on my face, before the therapist carries out a facial massage with the device. To end, red LED light – said to boost energy in skin cells and help them repair faster – is shone over my skin, before a face and shoulder massage, then skincare. Verdict: My complexion appeared slightly brighter and smoother immediately after, and I like how everything took less than an hour, making it a suitable lunchtime pick-me-up. – IO.

Sensitive Pro Facial Treatment

For: Hypersensitive skin.

Where: Estetica Beauty Studio, #06-18 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6737-2234.

Price: From $325 Duration: 75 minutes.

How: It starts with a cleanse and tone to purify skin and remove makeup, after which the therapist applies an exfoliating peel cream to gently remove dead skin cells. Next to go on: a light, hydrating and calming serum to soothe inflammation, then a serum made from omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to supposedly repair skin. This is followed by a creamy and soothing leave-on mask. My face and neck are then wrapped with gauze, while my eyes are covered with cotton pads soaked in hydrating lotion. A cooling mask containing a cocktail of mask powder and water is then applied on thick, and left on my face for 20 minutes, during which I’m given a hand massage. After the mask is removed, moisturising cream is applied and I’m good to go. Verdict: My face looked significantly smoother and plumper. It didn’t aggravate the existing case of acne that I had pre-treatment, and the massages relieved stiffness and left me feeling recharged. – SS.

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Shiseido Aqua Intensive Repair In-salon Treatment

For: Dry, damaged hair.

Where: Shunji Matsuo, #05-23 Ngee Ann City, tel: 6238-1522.

Price: $160 Duration: 60 minutes.

How: First, my locks are washed with Shiseido Professional Aqua Intensive Shampoo (Light) to remove impurities, prevent dryness and provide a light, airy finish. What follows is a three-step treatment. First, the application of a foamy solution made of royal jelly extract and sodium sulphate from root to tip, meant to hydrate hair. Second, a milk-like solution that reportedly helps to lock in moisture and strengthen locks goes on. Lastly, a protective cream comes after my head is heated under a steam machine for 10 minutes to open up pores, and a quick rinse. Before I leave, my hair is blow-dried, treated with a leave-on oil, and styled. Verdict: My long tresses tend to tangle easily, but since this treatment, they’ve become significantly smoother and easier to comb through, with less frizz and flyaways. – SS.

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