Size Does Matter

When it comes to your lotions and potions, you need to know how much to use to maximise your beauty and your budget.

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When it comes to your lotions and potions, you need to know how much to use to maximise your beauty and your budget.
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Knowing exactly how much product to use can be confusing, but sticking to the right dosage is very important. Using too much or even too little could have a less than optimal effect on your face or body.

When it comes to the latest skincare products, many of us believe less is better as the advancement of technology in the beauty industry means that most modern products are able to be maintain their efficiency even with minimal application. However, there is a serious chance of extreme under-usage to the point that the products have absolutely no effect on the skin.

According to dermatologist Dr YX Lum, “one should not be overzealous or under enthusiastic about applying skincare products. It’s always good to strike a balance. Over-using, say, a cleanser can lead to dehydration over prolonged periods of time, while under-using sunscreen can lead to sun damage, causing skin problems like hyperpigmentation and premature skin ageing.”

Always know how much product you should put on your face,” adds Dr Lum. “There are many skincare brands and types of products in the market. Each product is formulated uniquely to serve different purposes. Always check with the staff whom you’re buying the products from on the exact dosage recommended to prevent problems in the application of the products.”

While the exact dosage differs from brand to brand, here is a general guide on how much product you should be using to enjoy the maximum skincare benefits.

Is reapplication in colder climates necessary? Dr Lum says it depends, as not everyone’s skin reacts in the same way. Generally, there is no need to reapply skincare products, with the exception of sunscreen. To ensure your skin stays healthy when you’re on a winter holiday, she advises: “It’s good to get a gentler cleanser, avoid prolonged baths, add a humidifier in the room, and get a good moisturiser to prevent dry skin.”

Body Lotion

Size: Half a lemon

Split your body into three sections – legs, arms and torso. Split the dollop into three, then apply on each section of your body in circular motions. This helps to boost your blood circulation for healthier, glowing skin.


Size: Quarter of a plum (twice that for long hair)

People always tend to overdo it when it comes to shampoo. A little definitely goes a long way. This size works great unless you have Rapunzel-like tresses – in which case, we suggest half a plum’s worth.

Hair mask

Size: A cherry tomato (twice that for long hair)

Don’t be stingy with a hair mask. An adequate amount is needed to ensure all the hair strands are coated to reap optimum benefits. Be sure to avoid the scalp, as it can cause greasiness and it’s your hair shaft that needs the moisture after all.

Hair serum/oil

Size: Half a lime (twice that for long hair)

Too much styling product can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy. To avoid looking like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks, stick to this amount and keep it away from your roots.


Size: A jelly bean

Spread the moisturiser between your palms, as warming it up helps activate the ingredients). Apply in upward motions to keep skin firm (downward motions will cause your skin to sag). And don’t forget to spread the moisturiser onto your neck!

BB cream

Size: A pea

BB cream is not meant to be applied all over the face, just mainly to the T-zone, so not much of it is needed. With a light touch, work the BB cream from the centre to the sides of your face. Where necessary, increase or decrease the amount slightly for fuller or lesser coverage.

Eye cream

Size: Sunflower seed

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin. Spread the cream out between your ring fingers and gently pat around the eye area for better absorption. Tip: Don’t substitute eye cream with your face moisturiser as it can be too rich. Continued use could result in the formation of milia seeds around your eyes.