How to Party , Health-Goddess Style

Having fun and being healthy at the same time = total win-win.

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Having fun and being healthy at the same time = total win-win.

Those tequila shots seemed like such a good idea at the time. So did twerking in the middle of that crowded dance floor, fueled by copious amounts of alcohol and capping the night off with a plate of greasy prata. But, when the new day dawns and your body feels like an utter wreck, those good times probably don’t feel worth quite this much pain. So how do you guarantee a party that’s high on the fun factor, but low on headaches, liver damage and day-after guilt? By throwing a bash with a difference, health-goddess style.

1 Brekkie party

Throwing a breakfast party is a great way to have a celebration minus the heavy food and endless canapes. Think fresh juices, seasonal fruit platters, organic muesli and yoghurt cups, and salmon on rye bread. If a champagne breakfast is more your style, offer your guests quality bubbles with seasonal freshly squeezed juice, such as orange or watermelon (ditch the store-bought stuff ).

2 Gym class shindig

Two words: endorphin high. Invite your guests to participate in a private group fitness class of your choice, whether it be pump, dance (or pole dancing for ladies) or a circuit class, then head out for a nutritious post-workout meal afterwards. If you’re going to throw back a sneaky glass of bubbly with your food, just make sure you’ve eaten first to prevent any nausea, dehydration and stomach discomfort. Poached eggs on multigrain toast is the perfect protein recovery meal post-gym, if you’re heading out for drinks after.

3 A healthy Mexican fiesta

Who doesn’t love a Mexican party? All you need is a DIY taco/burrito station full of fresh tortillas, corn on the cob (go easy on the butter and salt), chopped seasonal vegetables, guacamole and grilled chicken/seafood. Choose zesty margaritas over sangria (less added sugar) and be sure to use soda water, fresh lime and a natural sugar substitute such as stevia, for a delish and nutritious Mexican-themed bash. A Mariachi band, optional.

4 Mocktail madness

Fresh juices and smoothies instead of alcohol? Yes, please! This is a wonderful breakfast or brunch option for the health conscious. Have a designated “bartender” whizz up organic smoothies and fresh juices, and encourage your guests to be experimental with their combinations. If alcohol-free simply isn’t an option, include a Bloody Mary in the menu. Your guest will receive a large dose of vitamin C from the tomato juice as well as a celery stalk to munch on.

5 Cooking class

Brush up on those culinary skills by participating in a group cooking class. Not only will you reap the benefi s of your hard work on the day (by eating your delicious creations!), you’ll also gain plenty of healthy cooking inspiration for future parties. When it comes to the accompanying vino, go for red – moderate consumption of red wine has been linked with a healthy heart and it’s higher in antioxidants compared to white wine.

6 Raw food lovin’

Not on the raw food bandwagon yet? Embrace the phenomenon of eating clean and base your menu around fresh sashimi, nutritious salads and raw desserts like cacao mousse and truffles. For raw recipes you can make at home, hit up Emily Von Euw’s blog ( for inspiring recipes that even include a coconut “Twix” bar!

7 An indulgent pamper sesh

Aaaaaanddd relax! Book your group for an afternoon of luxurious massages, body scrubs and facials at a lush health spa, then treat yourselves to a fresh fruit platter. Anything resembling an iPhone is banned so you can float away on a blissful cloud of relaxation. Post- massage, ensure you wait an hour or two before hitting the bar, as massages can heighten the effects of alcohol. Instead, gulp some water to rehydrate immediately afterwards.

8 Yoga fest

There is nothing like an hour of channelling your inner yogi to relax and rejuvenate. Organise a private yoga class for some gentle exercise before enjoying a spread of calming foods to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Try Afterglow (24 Keong Saik Road) for locally-sourced vegan treats or just head to a quiet place in the park with a picnic basket packed with coconut water, berries and salads. 

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