Which Prince from Scarlet Heart would you end up with?

It’s the weekend! What are you doing?

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It’s the weekend! What are you doing?
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4th Prince Wang So

(played by Lee Joon Gi)

He’s like a durian – tough exterior but a big old softie at heart. You’ll most likely end up with him because you’re an introvert too and you understand why he gets into a mood sometimes. 

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8th Prince Wang Wook

(played by Kang Ha Neul)

He’s quietly ambitious, and always so attentive to the object of his affection. If he were your boyfriend, your friends would totally harbour a not-so-secret crush on him too. 

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3rd Prince Wang Yo

(played by Hong Jong Hyun)

You are kind of a shark at work, and since birds of a feather flock together, the scheming 3rd prince Wang Yo would totally be intrigued by you. You guys will totes be the power couple.

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9th Prince Wang Won

(played by Yoon Sun Woo)

You knew he was trouble when he walked in, but hey, there’s just something about a bad boy that leaves you wanting more. Also, we’re guessing it doesn’hurt that he’s so handsome.

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10th Prince Wang Eun

(played by EXO’s Byun Baek Hyun)

You’re known as the joker amongst your friends, which is why you’d be the perfect fi t for this mischievous prince – you can dish out his antics right back at him. The both of you would make such a fun couple! 

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13th Prince Wang Wook/Baek-ah

(played by Nam Joo Hyuk)

You’re a hopeless romantic, and you love the classic stuff — Tiffany lockets, a dozen roses, and a candlelit dinner. You and this Casanova are made for each other.

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14th Prince Wang Jung

(played by Kim Ji Soo)

Ah, you like someone’s who’s very protective of you, don’t you? And even though he’s more brawn than brain, we know that sometimes, you enjoy looking at his, erh, very fit body. 

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