As the saying goes, giving is receiving.

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As the saying goes, giving is receiving. 

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20 JAN TO 18 FEB

As the saying goes, giving is receiving. Donate to charities and welfare organisations and you’ll find that the money will find its way back to you. If you find it difficult to focus, a light workout can help put your restless mind at ease. Love is all around and you’ll be the centre of attraction. You might even meet a new guy, but not without the Swarovski Gemina Brooch Set, $249, which will have you looking glamorous all night.

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Pisces 19


All the effort you’ve been putting into your career is finally going to pay off, and your business projects will flourish. You’ll be feeling extra romantic, so this is the perfect time for you to be adventurous with your love life. It’s time to go out and have fun – be sure to put on Swarovski Crystaldust Double Bangle, $189, to dazzle your date.

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21 MAR TO 19 APR

Good news: work will be smoother and much more manageable. Even better news: chances for success in your career will be high this month. If you’re single, love is in the air. Go out on dates and keep an eye out for social gatherings as you might just find your special someone. While you’re at it, look cute with Swarovski Subtle Bracelet, $179.

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Taurus 20


Take extra care of your health and get enough sleep as you’ll be dealing with a whole lot of fatigue. All your hard work will pay off this month as bonuses and pay increases may be coming your way. If you want to try something new, this is the right time to look for another job. Gain the confidence you need with Swarovski Lovely Crystals Mini Watch, $699.

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Gemini 21


Relax, a job promotion will soon ease the stress you’ve been dealing with in the office. Remember to eat your fruits and keep drinking water as the flu bug is going around this month. You’ll be feeling dreamy and romantic, which means it’s the perfect time for you to go on a short getaway with bae. While you’re being all lovey-dovey, surprise him with Swarovski Kris Bear – A Lovely Surprise, $249.

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Cancer 21


Your bank account may look sad, but it won’t be for long. Mingle with your family and relatives and you’ll find that strengthening connections will lead you to financial success. You’ll be on top of your networking game this month, and it will help you meet important people. Seek career advice from a good friend and thank her with Swarovski Dear Bangle, $199.

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21 JUL TO 21 AUG

Sit back, relax and let things fall into place at the office. Wealth will find its way to you this month through social networking sessions throughout the month, so don’t miss any gatherings. Know that your loved ones have your back and there’s nothing to fret over when it comes to money. Show them your love and appreciation with Swarovski Gemina Bracelet, $249.

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If you’re waiting for a good time to quit your job, now is the time. Don’t miss any opportunities you encounter and be sure to seize them all. After all those hours at the gym, your body is in great shape. You might want to explore less intense workouts such as yoga. Reward yourself for all that hard work with Swarovski Glowing Cover Necklace, $249.

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Libra 23


Work hard, play hard. Instead of exercising all the time, take a break and consider changing your diet instead. You’ll be feeling extra helpful this month, but be mindful of who you lend your cash to. Your current relationship may be on the rocks, but don’t give up. This Valentine’s Day, don matching necklaces from Swarovski Crystal Wishes Heart Pendant Set, $199.

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23 OCT TO 22 NOV

Job opportunities will fly towards you and while they’re all attractive, make your decision wisely and be sure to hear what your loved ones have to say about your options. You’ll be facing a hectic schedule and might find yourself feeling under the weather, so be sure to take a break by meditating and chilling out at tranquil spots. If you’re single, get fancy with a Swarovski Guardian Ring, $249, as your special someone is just around the corner.

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23 NOV TO 20 DEC

You’ve been working on that weight loss routine for months, but now’s the time to turn it up as your health is at its peak. Pay attention to the people at the workplace because your future bae is closer than you think. Your loved ones will play the matchmaker’s role and dating will soon be a regular activity for you. Add a touch of elegance to your date outfit with Swarovski Attract Triangle Pierced Earrings with Jacket, $99.

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21 DEC TO 19 JAN

Office politics will arise this month, so be smart and plan your moves wisely to keep yourself safe. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so take some time off to relax your mind.Treat yourself to some retail therapy while looking fab with Swarovski Crystal Wishes Star Pierced Earring Set, $129

Text Renaye Chan, Renaye & Paul Consultancy Group / Text Compiled by Teri Anne Tan.