10 Ways to Feel Like a Trust Fund Kid

Missing a billion dollar bank account? Don’t worry, just fake it!

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Missing a billion dollar bank account? Don’t worry, just fake it!
Images 123RF.com
Images 123RF.com


1. Tailor your clothes

Designer rags are pretty expensive and, unless you know what you’ll wear for the next 10 years, it’s really not worth your precious coin. Instead, take your chain store or vintage finds to a good tailor and have the pieces modified to fit you perfectly for a designer effect.

2. Go DIY

You may not have the budget to buy one-of-a-kind pieces, but you can look like you belong at the front row of Paris haute couture shows by customising your clothes, shoes and bags, or making your own lovely pieces of statement jewellery.

3. Bag a bargain

Nobody ever caught socialite Olivia Palermo wearing the same thing twice, but buying new frocks for every occasion is expensive. Instead of forking out $500 on a dress you’ll only wear once, visit thrift stores where you can buy a few pieces for a fraction of the price.


4. Make up your mouth

Nothing makes you look and feel more expensive than a flash of red lipstick on your lips (not teeth – have a small mirror handy), and there’s a supermarket or drugstore full of affordable brands that do the trick just as well as Chanel.

5. Get Hollywood hair

Looking like a hot mess might be so cool right now, but no self-respecting trust fund kid would be caught dead with unruly locks ruining their look. Head to a salon to get a reasonably priced wash and dry that would have you looking like a VIP for days.


6. Crash an art opening

Do a search on Google and find an exhibition that’s opening in town – so high society.

7. High-priced cocktails

Sipping an amazing cocktail at a super chic speakeasy during happy hour wil make you feel like you’re hitting the town with a Black AMEX nestled in your clutch.

8. Grab some wheels

Do some research and hire a car for an hour, day, week… Or, you know, just Uber or Grab. Owning a car is notoriously expensive in Singapore, so you might as well just cab all the way.

9. Go to bed

You may have to save, but there’s nothing like sliding your weary bones between good quality, high thread-count sheets. Go for Egyptian cotton for an extra deluxe hit, and light a scented candle. Feels heavenly, right?

10. Go to amazing restaurants…

But not for dinner. Fine dining is so much cheaper when it’s for lunch! For example, the tasting menu at Tippling Club is $170 at least. If you go for lunch, it’s just $60 for three courses. You get less food, but hey, at least you can say you’ve dined there!