All you need to see, eat, do and know.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

All you need to see, eat, do and know. 


Think of vegan food as bland or nothing but a plate of greens? Hello Baby wants to prove you wrong. The new fast food joint specialises in tasty meatless burgers like the Chilli “Crab” Mantou Sliders, $10, which are made with enoki mushrooms. Be sure to try the sweet treats too, like the Waffles and Coconut-Milk Ice Cream, $11, and But Butter Chocolate Cake, $6.

Hello Baby is at 10 Terengganu Street. 

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How do you learn how to love yourself—or another person, for that matter—when you’ve never really been taught how to do it? That’s where the Festival of Love comes in. Taking place from February 14 to 24, the event features workshops on dating, sexuality, self-development and more. If you’re serious about treating yourself better, sign up for the self-marriage ceremony to mark your commitment to a happier life. 

For more details, head to 

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Constantly battling with self-doubt and a fear of failure? Bestselling author and CEO of Girls Who Code Reshma Saujani tells you how to be a braver woman in Brave, Not Perfect. According to her (and we have to agree), we can all enjoy a bigger and bolder life if we were just a little gutsier. 

Brave, Not Perfect is available for pre-order at

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She’s been getting buzz for her catchy songs and candy-coloured music videos. But there’s more to her music than sunshine and rainbows... 

She started making music when she was studying arts management in Chicago 

“It all started after I watched a few shows by popular artists and college bands while I was there. It was quite magical to see those artists on stage, and watching those gigs inspired me to put myself out there.” 

She sings about the things that make her sad 

“My music can be described as electronic pop. It’s very upbeat and catchy, but if you listen to the lyrics closely, you’ll find that I’m singing about things that make me sad. I’m inspired by a range of artists, from Britney Spears to Cocteau Twins. But when I write my lyrics, I always try to write from the heart.” 

Colours are an important element in her music videos 

“Each of my songs is represented by a colour palette, and I like using those colours to inspire the art direction of my music videos. As a ’90s kid, those fun and fresh colours always stuck in my head, so naturally, they would find their way into the visuals I create.” 

Her new song “Decide” is her darkest yet 

“‘Decide’ is about dealing with loss and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I tapped into something even deeper for it, and worked with a very talented producer, ARNT, on it.” 

If she wasn’t a singer-songwriter, she’d be… 

“I’ve considered enlisting in the army or opening my own restaurant. Life’s exciting like that.” 

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To stand out from the crowded café scene, more and more coffee spots here are offering more than just a cup of joe. The Social Space not only houses a café, but also a fair trade retail area and nail salon, while Walking On Sunshine is a cute garden-themed café that also boasts a hair salon. Planning a holiday? Head down to Hyfe Café—every table comes with a tablet that you can use to plan your itinerary, book tickets, and even rent Wi-Fi routers. 

The Social Space is at 333 Kreta Ayer Rd, Walking On Sunshine at #03-07 Orchard Central, and Hyfe Café at #03-25 Tampines 1.