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Not sure how to deal with dull and sensitive skin? Try DR. WU’s upgraded VC-Laseryl VITAMIN C+ Whitening System range.

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Not sure how to deal with dull and sensitive skin? Try DR. Wu’s upgraded VC-Laseryl VITAMIN C+ Whitening System range.
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Girls with sensitive and dull skin will understand the perennial struggle of getting a radiant complexion. Many products in the market contain harsh chemicals that could trigger a breakout, and the thought of going for a laser facial treatment is enough to give you heart palpitations.

So what’s a girl to do? Instead of giving up in despair, seek solace in DR. Wu’s newly reformulated VC-Laseryl VITAMIN C+ Whitening System range. Just like other DR. Wu products, this series does not contain alcohol and additives, which makes it a friend for your fragile skin.

But what truly stands out in this upgraded range is Brightenyl , an ingredient that inhibits melanin production at various layers of your skin. It is four times more potent than vitamin C and a whopping 60 times more efficient than Kojic acid, which is commonly used in skin brightening products. Those who are bothered by hyperpigmentation will also be glad to know that Brightenyl  decreases the melanin content of dark spots by 150 percent. Incorporated with three vitamin C derivatives, this new formula aims to help you achieve results similar to a laser treatment sesh – long-lasting radiance and a stronger defense against hyperpigmentation.

 Of course, your skin deserves to be as healthy as it deserves to be radiant. The combination of vitamins B3, B5 and E, soothes, hydrates and repairs your skin, ensuring that you get all-rounded care and protection. 

Five out of six products from the range are available in Singapore, which we think is more than enough for your skincare ritual. With a toner, a serum, spot treatment, an eye serum, and a lotion, you don’t need the sheet mask to kick-start your journey to brighter skin.

So don’t let sensitive skin stop you from getting the dewy complexion you’ve always wanted – put your best glowin’ face forward with this all-rounded range. 

Skincare tips from Dr. Wu

Fun fact: DR.Wu was founded by dermatologist Wu Ying-Chin, who opened his first clinic nearly forty years ago. We ask the pro himself for nifty tricks to keep our skin in tip-top condition.


It’s not enough buy loads of expensive skincare products. “You must [learn to] discern what products are good for your skin type. Knowledge like that is essential, so that you’ll know how to give your skin complete care,” says Dr Ying-Chin. 


“Aside from applying sunscreen, it’s good to wear a hat or carry an umbrella for added protection,” he adds. Time to take inspo from CBD aunties who can’t leave their offices without a brolly.


“Processed food doesn’t have basic antioxidants and vitamins,” says Dr Ying-Chin. We’re not saying you can’t eat cookies anymore, but try not to finish them in one sitting. 

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