How to Upgrade Your Holiday Snaps

The pros share their top tips.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The pros share their top tips. 

You don’t need to lug around a bulky camera if you want to snap amazing shots of your travels. In this day and age, your smartphone is more than capable of taking pro-quality shots—if you know how to make the most of it, that is. 

We got three top photographers to share how they shoot on the iPhone, as well as their favourite spots to shoot at.

Maria Jose Govea 

Los Angeles


Tip: Use a photo editing app, like A Color Story. 

“I absolutely love editing with A Color Story. I can get totally lost playing with all the tools, effects and filters. What I like most is all the possibilities it gives you to have control over an image. At the same time, it’s super user-friendly. Two thumbs-up!” 

What inspires her: 

“I love places with a lot of character and texture (Europe is great for that!), and I also love big outdoor spaces, like an empty beach or a sunflower field. Going to a city I’ve never been before really gets me going—I’m kind of obsessed with the new. 

Ultimately, a little corner in my house where the light is hitting just right might also be my favourite place. And that’s the beauty of photography—you never know the million ways that the beauty of light is going to surprise you next.” 

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Aik Beng Chia 



Tip: Don’t overexpose your photos. 

“Using the iPhone’s Dual Optical Image Stabilisation and High Dynamic Range in low light conditions produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise, and it doesn’t [overexpose] light sources.” 

 His favourite city to shoot in: 

“Come nightfall when the city lights sparkle, Bangkok is one of my favorite cities to photograph. What I love about the city is the gritty feel of life, where high-rise skyscrapers shining in the sunlight contrast with a vibrant, at times shadowy, atmosphere in the back alleys.” 

My Reading Room

Aundre Larrow 

New York


Tip: Use lens attachments. 

“I usually just use my iPhone but occasionally, I will throw a Moment lens on.” 

 How he finds joy in the simple things: 

“I took a trip with some loved ones to the beach and took this portrait of my girlfriend partially submerged. It was kind of a weird moment. The sun was setting, we were all pretty pruny, but she insisted on floating for a bit longer. I waded out to her clutching my phone and took this just before a small wave came. It was just so perfect at that moment, and reminded me why I love photography so much.” 

Images Courtesy of Apple