All you need to see, eat, do and know this March.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

All you need to see, eat, do and know this March.


Stack is a new sandwich joint near Arab Street that specialises in seriously chunky sandwiches with the most amusing names. Highlights include The Makcik (tri-tip beef rendang, garlic aioli and bruised tomatoes) and Blue Steel (crockpot chicken, sriracha aioli and coleslaw). The sourdough pizzas and desserts are also to die for.

Stack is at 4 Jln Klapa.

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You can party and learn how to save the earth at the same time at Garden Beats Festival, a music and picnic event that celebrates both music and eco-friendly living. Enjoy performances by Masego, The Kooks, Black Coffee and other live acts, and sit in on talks about veganism, sustainable fashion and a zero waste life.

There will also be a food village, so just bring a mat, some friends and go hungry.

Garden Beats Festival is on March 9 at Fort Canning Green. Get your tickets at

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Looking for something different to do on a date? Try rock climbing at Clip ’n Climb, a climbing theme park that features 19 varied climbing challenges, from the double-sided Face-to-Face wall to the Spaghetti Junction wall with dangling ropes. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before—the walls have an automatic belay system that allows climbers to descend safely on their own. Prices start at $25 for 90 minutes.

Clip 'n Climb is at HomeTeamNS Tampines, 1 Tampines Walk #03-03, Our Tampines Hub.

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Thinking about going on a short vacay to get away from it all? AirAsia has come up with some ideas for you as part of their Holiday Quickies campaign. Whether you’re a foodie, shopaholic or beach bum, they’ve got you sorted with short-haul flights to 17 destinations around the region including Bali, Chiang Rai, Cebu and Bandung. Flights range from 55 minutes to four hours, so they’re perfect for those long weekend getaways!

Head to for quick getaway ideas.

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Can’t get enough of cheese teas? Then it’s about time you check out Nayuki—a popular bakery café chain in China that’s known for its cheese teas and adorable pastries. The brand recently opened its first overseas outlet here, so you can now try its signature beverages such as the Cheese Famous Tea (which is brewed using tea buds handpicked before the crack of dawn) and Supreme Cheese Fruit Teas. Be sure to wolf down a Soft Euro Bread while you’re there— popular flavours include MSW Durian Supreme and Strawberry Blush Mystique. 

Nayuki is at #01-207, 1 Harbourfront Walk.

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This 26-year-old local rapper has performed alongside from Black Eyed Peas and homegrown rapper Shigga Shay. 

She got into rapping by chance 

“I was strumming my guitar and felt like a rap would go really well with a tune I wrote. I decided to write some lyrics despite not having done it before, and the words just flowed out of me. It was pretty cathartic, and that was when I realised this rap thing is special to me.” 

Her real name is Jamie, and she raps about the things she wouldn’t talk about IRL 

“The things I do not dare to say goes into my music. 

I’m quite a private person, but as J.M3, I get to say things Jamie would probably keep to herself—it could be anything from what I’m thinking and feeling to things I feel could do with more attention. I always feel like 

I have to peel away at my own walls to write what I write, and that makes it a very raw experience for me.” 

She faces challenges as a female rapper 

“Everyone’s first reaction when they find out I rap is, ‘Wow, really?’” But it’s hard to tell if they’re impressed or questioning my ability. When you’re playing in a field [dominated by men], there’s always that feeling that you won’t be taken as seriously, or that there might be more for you to prove.” 

When she isn’t rapping, she dances

“I’m not a great dancer, but dancing has given me some of my most precious memories and moments in life. Now, I mostly teach Urban Hip-Hop and get to share my passion for dance with both children and adults at classes.” 

She’s got a new music video 

The music video for her song “Try” was out just last month. Be sure to watch it on her official YouTube channel.