Taking It Too Far?

Check out some of the crazier stories we’ve heard from wedding professionals when it comes to gatecrashing games.

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Check out some of the crazier stories we’ve heard from wedding professionals when it comes to gatecrashing games.

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“Heard about one that ended quite badly. The groomsmen got the groom so drunk (early in the morning) that he was hardly able to continue with the day’s proceedings, and in the process pissed off many new in-laws.”

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“The groomsmen had to climb up 23 storeys to the bride’s apartment. At each floor, they had to eat a banana before going further – almost 250 bananas shared amongst 10 guys... They all felt pretty sick after that. Thankfully, no one threw up.”

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“I heard one story where the wife requested that the groom sing her a song – and he refused! He and the groomsmen then threatened the bride to come out or they would leave. The bride was in tears and the wedding planner had to step in to mediate. Not a great start to a marriage.”

Whatever else comes to pass, be sure to get these few things right: 


Make sure the guys have prepared ang paos for the bridesmaids, typically with a lucky amount like $888 (remember, the more the better, and it has to be enough to share among all the girls). Let the guys know if you want your money after each game or one big sum at the end… and remind them to bring spare cash! BE ON TIME


Weddings usually run late and this is especially true of the gatecrashing part. Make sure everyone is on time – in fact, the earlier the better. If the wedding party is heading to church or a photoshoot after, it’s important for there to be someone to nag the group on.


A wedding is an all-day affair so find out what the boys can or can’t eat. No one wants a groom who’s going to spend most of his wedding day in the bathroom.


Sometimes, teasing can get out of hand. Be aware of the situation and make sure everyone has a good time. The important thing in the end is to make sure the guy gets the girl. 

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