How She Hustles… DAWN’S PATCHES

This fashion designer also makes super cute iron-on patches.

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This fashion designer also makes super cute iron-on patches.

Name: Dawn Bey

Age: 28

Job: Founder of Pew Pew Patches, Fashion designer at Dawn Bey Studio, Design Assistant at Stolen and Buyer for Obey women’s clothing 

Connect with Dawn 


Instagram: @pewpewpatches 

How did Pew Pew Patches come about? 

It started off really innocently: someone gave me a patch at a design convention, and I realised I was still thinking about it after a week. It got me interested in putting a modern spin on ’80s-style clothing patches. 

Where do you get inspiration for the designs? 

I find them everywhere, from street culture to weird phrases. I incorporate a lot of my sense of humour into the designs and often take into consideration feedback and suggestions from fans. Making a good patch requires strategic thinking – I need to think about how it can stand out and the sort of colours to use. 

What has been your most challenging project so far and what are your future plans for Pew Pew Patches? 

We collaborated with Pedder on Scotts earlier this year. The design was very intricate and consisted of small squares that almost drove the [sewing] machine crazy! That was definitely quite a challenge! As for future plans, I intend to continue designing more patches to amass a huge collection of original designs and widen our reach overseas. I also hope to create more event-specific memorabilia and even music festival patches! 

Get to know Dawn 

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Five things that make her happy

“Pizza, cake, baths, candles and starry nights.” 

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She’s also a contemporary, hip hop and salsa dancer

“Dancing has been my passion since I was young. My mum wanted me to learn the piano but I couldn’t sit still, so dancing was great for me!” 

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Her favourite destination is Cape Town

“It’s an absolutely beautiful place. The weather is lovely, the people are nice and the food is so fresh and affordable.” 

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