Mum, Please Stop Talking!

If you think you’ve heard it all, these mums are about to prove you wrong with their quirky relationship advice.

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If you think you’ve heard it all, these mums are about to prove you wrong with their quirky relationship advice.

If you’re going to have sex, be discreet.

“My mum told me it’s fine to sleep around (or, in her words, “play”), but to not let word spread to my usual social circles. In other words, it’s fine to party and have fun as long as I do it in some foreign place, like when I’m on vacation. It’s pretty unexpected coming from her because she really is the sweetest woman and the epitome of a doting housewife.” Jess L, 29

Talk to different guys at the same time–they’ll never know.

“When I moved into my own apartment, my mum said, ‘Now that you have your own place, if I were you, I’d talk to so many [guys] at the same time— they’ll never know. Invite them over to your house to make it seem like you’re invested.’” Amber K, 26

You’re single until you’re married.

“She once told me, “You’re single until you are married,” so basically, leave yourself open even if you’re in a relationship just in case a better option comes along—never settle for someone average. I was in a relationship at the time, and she would bring it up when she wanted me to go to her friends’ children’s weddings. It’s funny because [our] mum is quite conservative—she even considers couples sitting close together in public as inappropriate PDA!” Stephanie K, 26

Money is useless if they don’t spend it on you.

“I was watching the movie Heartbreakers with my mum when she nodded in approval to Sigourney Weaver’s marriage to Gene Hackman’s character, a rich tycoon. “Marry where there’s money, and make sure they’re generous. Money is useless if they don’t spend it on you,” she said. Ironically, she’s always telling me that money isn’t the most important thing and that it can’t buy health, good friends, or love.” Claire S, 23

Don’t get married just to have a kid.

“I’d been single for a while and my mum and I were chatting while she was cooking. I mentioned that I was really happy being single right now, but what if one day I woke up wanting to have kids and I was still single? Then she turned towards me and said, “Don’t get married just for THAT.” Kim F, 29

You shouldn’t let your husband know how much you’re earning.

“When I was very young, my mum used to tell me that if I ever got married, I shouldn’t let my husband know how much I’m earning. She said my money should be my money and my husband’s money should be shared because according to my religion, the husband should take care of the wife. Did she let my father know how much she was making? Well, she’s always been a housewife!” Yaya I, 32

Fries before guys.

“My mum always told me, “fries before guys.” I know it sounds random, but she really just means to never put the needs of men before yourself; she says “fries” because they’re one of my favorite things. Think about what you want, not what they want, and don’t make a decision based on a guy – for example, don’t move to a different city just because your boyfriend is moving. I was surprised to hear that from her because my parents are still happily together, and like most mums do, she sacrifices a lot for the family.” Eileen W, 26

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