It’s no easy feat taking over a struggling family business.

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Director, 31 


It’s no easy feat taking over a struggling family business. But that’s exactly what Morgan and his two younger brothers did in 2014. 

“When we took over, it wasn’t doing well. It had just five employees and people didn’t understand what it was about,” says Morgan. “But we promised our dad we’d continue his legacy and renamed the company as a tribute to him.” 

Today, woodworking studio Roger&Sons—Roger was the name of his late father—has a team of 21 full-time employees and specialises in bespoke carpentry. 

“We decided to focus on carpentry because the men who worked with my dad were really good carpenters. Some of them had over 20 years of experience,” he explains. 

The company hasn’t just seen an expansion in terms of the number of employees since he took over—it also opened a second studio in February, and the new space includes a showroom with a selection of furniture for sale. It also has its own design team and makes it a point to engage with members of the public by holding woodworking workshops.

When he isn’t busy running a business, Morgan can be found playing football (he does so at least once a week) and chilling at home. 

“I spend all my free time with family,” he says. And no, he doesn’t feel that he sees them too much. “I find it a joy to be able to work with them because I know I can always trust and rely on them.” 

It’s obvious that Morgan works really hard. But he admits that his life would be totally different if he didn’t take on the family business. “If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d just backpack around the work and lead a boho life,” he says. “I work very hard now because I’m working for my family. Plus, I want to use my position to give back to society.”

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