Namporn Kietthanakorn

Executive director of I plus Q on the marriage of Eastern and Western healing therapies.

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Executive director of I plus Q on the marriage of Eastern and Western healing therapies.

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“Our suppliers know how to distil the greatest benefits by using innovative techniques”

I plus Q: House of Aromatherapy specialises in creating quality therapeutic spa products balancing Asian homeopathy and Western holistic approach. When selecting ingredients from international producers and suppliers, standards are stringent and authenticity a core value. From the West, natural essential oils like jojoba and black seed have been used for more than two centuries, while Eastern Asia is the home to therapeutic plants and natural remedies within the context of Ayurveda, TCM and traditional Thai massage, which complement one another.

Namporn Kietthanakorn, executive director of I plus Q, believes drawing from the rich history and culture of both provides the most benefit. She says, “The abundance of raw materials from the East and West combined enhances holistic healing. The technological advances of the West also help produce pure extracts and essential oils and maximise efficacy. Like in the East, the Greeks used aromatic oils for healing, relaxation, bathing, body treatment and massages. We believe that the right combination will satisfy customers whether they are five-star resort or a day spa operator.”

Founded in Thailand in 2000, the company’s (whose name stands for ‘innovation plus quality’) mission is to create botanical products with natural, organic ingredients which obtain GMP and ISO22716 standards. Kietthanakorn adds, “Herbs have long been used to help promote well-being. Studies in Europe and the US indicate the promising effects of natural supplements on the brain, and effectiveness for treating conditions like insomnia, mild depression, panic attacks and PMS. In Thailand, indigenous herb phlai is used to make essential oils through steam distilling the rootstock for its anti-inflammatory properties.”

Through perfecting the texture of products and advances in aromatherapy blending, the production method used in I plus Q products follows market demand. Kietthanakorn says, “We focus on improving. Our suppliers know how to distill the greatest benefits by using innovative techniques and extensive knowledge. For example, we use Thai bergamot and kaffir lime peel oil extracted using automated stream.”

Among its most unique products is the Rice for Life line, a popular collection that was the result of extensive R&D to deliver nutrients and antioxidants derived from Thai jasmine rice. I plus Q collaborates with top resorts to develop signature products based on the brands’ identities. It created the Silk Caress Jasmine Blossom for Anantara Spa, Secret Charm for Oasis Spa and the Jasmine Rice Facial Cleanser from Banyan Tree Group, winner of the ‘Best Brightening Cleanser’ at the Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Beauty Awards.

To meet client needs, I plus Q designs collections around individual preferences with its extensive range of aromatherapy oils, which can be combined to create new offerings. Each with its unique set of properties, they can be used during a treatment or simply put in the bath to treat the senses. Kietthanakorn says, “Aromatherapy can be used to reduce anxiety, ease depression, increase blood circulation, boost energy levels and eliminate headaches or joint pain. Aromatherapy goes well with oriental remedies like Thai massage or Chinese reflexology.”