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Daniel Hotel Dead Sea

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SHIZEN SPA DEAD SEA, situated at the world’s lowest point, on the shores of the extraordinary Dead Sea, is just a short distance from ancient biblical and historical sites such as the stronghold of Masada.

Grapes and their byproducts, including the most glorious of all – wine – represent the very best nature has to offer.

Wine revives the skin, preventing and delaying its ageing. With this concept and inspiration in mind, Christina’s first vino therapy in Israel, Château de Beauté, applies the supremely beneficial properties of grapes, wine and their byproducts to skin rejuvenating and cell energising cosmetics. Together with innovative peptides that are the height of new developments in professional cosmetics, all the benefits of wine harmonise in a luxurious, cutting-edge series that revitalises any type of skin, restoring its elasticity and the look of youth.

Château de Beauté consolidates a number of environmentally friendly, active ingredients in order to deliver age-control benefits. The formulas restore moisture perfection in skin, and encourage collagen production, so as to protect a healthy structure, while promoting suppleness in skin.

With the help of products such as a lush smoothing mask and a powerful, firming and thirst-quenching serum, clients will enjoy visible results from the very first session and, as treatment continues, the results will become long lasting.

With Château de Beauté at the Shizen Spa, it is easy to get addicted to the joy of wine and its secrets for rejuvenating, pampering skin care and youthful beauty.