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IN THE THIRD YEAR of a six-year mission to reduce the construction time of any new yacht by at least 25%, the Vripack Studio in Holland recently made another leap forward. By making use of virtual reality the team at Vripack managed to review both design and engineering and bring back fail cost by a staggering 75%.

“After years and years of very low incremental growth the recent developments in virtual reality are exponential now and allow us to use this tool for our reviews instead of making mock ups, prototypes and pre-fabrication,” says Vripack Creative Director Bart Bouwhuis. “So the cost related to that as well as the time consumption is now fully eliminated. It’s part of history.

“The initial use, straight out of the box, has allowed for checks of spaces, volumes, heights, sight lines, stairs and what have you more. After nearly 12 months of R&D, we’re at a stage where we’re reviewing complete installation sequences, maintainability, accessibility and so on and so forth.”

Vripack is basically evaluating the assembly process and the future maintenance of the whole yacht, let alone the training and instructions possibilities for the workers, all this before any hour is wasted on building something that could be done better and in less time. 

My Reading Room

“Our innovations in construction processes already led to the development of Smart Kit® resulting in a 15% hull building time reduction,” says Bouwhuis. “This innovation is followed by Boat Blocks® that we currently use in production and through which we already see double digit savings.

“With the development of Virtual Prototyping® we enter a third phase of evolution. With the first yachts in build, using the combination of these modern design solutions, it’s a bit early for final conclusions on exact time saved but I can disclose that we’re heading towards well over 20% and we’re building at very reputable yards which themselves are even more amazed by the efficiency and added quality of their new work.”

In 2014 Vripack released its 2019 vision, in which the team give themselves six years to reach the goal of reducing building time by at least 25% while delivering a better boat. The first results of their in-house created innovations show they’re well ahead of schedule.

With their can-do mentality and three more years to go, this is very promising to say the least.

VR demo: watch?v=-6ttghJRK4U