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CECIL WRIGHT & PARTNERS Sales Broker Henry Smith recently unveiled a revolutionary sales tool with a unique laser scanning system being used for the first time in the sale of superyachts. Space 2 Scan is a specialist company, based in Monaco, offering fly-through 3D video scanning.

Previously used for land based real estate projects, Space 2 Scan has just scanned Kingdom Come – the 60.5 metre classic Feadship currently for sale through Cecil Wright – not only providing the walk through imagery but also an architectural tool from which Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings and precise, pin point measurements can be taken. This means architects and designers no longer need to physically visit a yacht before making initial decisions on redesign and refit work for the new owners.

Accessed equally smoothly through Android and iOS devices, as well as the more traditional desktops and laptops, all that is required is a 3G connection to utilise this system.

“Using Space 2 Scan is going to revolutionise how yachts are sold globally,” says Smith. “Being the first brokerage to use this incredible tool highlights our company’s drive to be at the forefront of technology in the industry. Even before the release of the Kingdom Come scan we have already signed up multiple other clients for the system. In a very competitive market, we feel that using systems such as Space 2 Scan gives us the edge over the others.’’

Kingdom Come has been described as a “floating country house rather than a yacht” so it is fitting that she is the first yacht to benefit from this approachs.

Chris Cecil-Wright is equally enthusiastic. “The scanning technology really comes into its own with a yacht such as Kingdom Come whose unique interior is impossible to do justice with conventional video or stills photography.”

Cecil Wright will use this technology in all yacht sales, to enable potential buyers to initially understand the space planning, internal configuration and decorative finish before setting foot on the yacht, thus saving precious time for their clients.

Cecil Wright continues to adhere to the ethos of “fewer clients, serviced better” and this is an additional service that will particularly appeal to time-poor international clients.

Scanning demo:

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