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ALTHOUGH WORN-OUT VINTAGE paper nautical maps seem mysterious and exciting, the younger generation was born with an iPad at hands for a reason. In the era of data overexposure, smoother sailing comes with the help of a handful of useful apps.

Available in both or either Android and iOS systems, these apps can help save time and effort as you navigate with ease, fun and security with just a few clicks.

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This is a popular app among cruisers, sailors, fishermen and divers for its clear and accurate navigational charts with a user-friendly interface. The journey, view speed, distance, time and course over ground (COG) can be tracked with this app.

Users can create tailored routes based on speed and fuel consumption. Wind forecasts are also included in the app for reference, as well as maps for easier sailing. It connects wirelessly to a sounder to create an HD bathymetry map in real-time.


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Transas iSailor

Provides a clear presentation of navigation information and electronic charts. It supports TX-97 vector chart format for reliable sources of navigational information. It covers coastal and offshore waters of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, North America, Latin and South America, Europe, Africa and Far East. iSailor supports route and track views, as well as all of the integrated information in a vector chart.


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Google Earth

Travelling on your phone or tablet is no longer just a dream. This app displays 3D street views, points of interests and local businesses. It also includes Google Ocean, which allows in-depth virtual journeys under water and access to the latest research discoveries in the sea. Sailors are able to locate the destination with live images. With Google Sky, one can also check out the live images of galaxies using the Slooh Space Camera and enjoy the relaxing nights on board a yacht.


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Be it your best friend’s motoryacht or Johnny’s Depp’s Vajoliroja, the location of them among around 80,000 ships is available to check with this app’s powerful online search engine. It covers and refreshes constantly the ship data of most ports in the world. Follow (or stalk) your ideal model or share your location with your friends with this app.


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America’s Cup

Users can gain fresh and immediate updates of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup with this app. Live results of your favourite teams on board cameras, video extras, social chat features and behind-the-scenes storytelling are just a click away. Unless the teams are in stealth mode, their routes are available to track in a lively and game-like 3D map.


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The sky is not even the limit with this app, which features seven-day forecasts and reports for over two million locations worldwide, clearly visualised in an easy-to-read interface enhanced by beautiful radar and satellite animations. It connects to Netatmo personal weather stations and also enables weather photo taking. Sailors can have more time to prepare on water for stormy weather.


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Predict Wind

Trending among sailors and race winners, this app is an ideal tool for weather routing and forecasting. Coming with a trip planner, forecast alerts, real time tracking and GPS tracking function, the app proves to be a reliable partner for certain professional sailors such as America’s Cup winner Peter Isler, who referred this app as “a regular part of pre-race prep”.


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Interlux Boat Paint

This app makes it easy to access Interlux product information and select the correct Interlux paint system. Check out the Quick Reference Guide for detailed product information. If you feel like purchasing its products, the store locator in the app can help find the nearest Interlux dealer by address or your location with GPS on. The most important feature of the app is the paint calculator to estimate how much Interlux paint needed for your boat.


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Knots 3D

This free offline app is a must-have for sailors, offering up to 118 different knots and a step-by-step 3D guide showing how to tie them. It enables you to study them in 360 degrees as they can be rotated as well as zoomed in and out. Time to learn the survival skills from the app that’s made it on to the ‘Ultimate List of Scouting App’.


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What’s On My Boat

Looking for things on a large yacht can be quite frustrating. To help save time, money and space, this app filters your stuff on the boat by location, category and lists, so you can spare the effort in searching for the lifejacket or purchasing a duplicate fire extinguisher. Photos are also shown in the app so you can locate them with easy recognition. It is available on iOS systems.


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Get My Boat

The peer-to-peer boat rental and charter marketplace becomes highly accessible here. Users can look for their dream power catamarans or sailboats in any desired locations for rental with this app. After signing up for an account, interested renters and Owners can communicate in the app directly and make reservations. This app makes it easier to search for a boat to take even an impromptu journey on water.


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Marinus ColRegs

Time to refresh your knowledge with boating rules – Marinus ColRegs provides comprehensible information on navigation, including flags, meteo, sounds, lights, sounds, maps as well as all the international regulation for preventing collisions at sea. Designed for nautical people, the app comes with a quiz for novice sailors to test their knowledge or veterans to do revisions on day-to-day sailing significance.


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Start your early preparation for refit of your boats with this app, which enables users to dynamically collect data and images to inform refit work as they walk through the yacht. There is also an integrated messaging function that connects crew directly to MML for any queries related to the prospective work required. It syncs with the RefitPlanner.com website and supports real- time dynamic development of a yacht’s work package both on board and in partnership with MML’s project managers.


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Star Walk

Nights aboard can be a little more romantic with exploration of the stars. This app is an interactive star chart of the night sky, allowing users to explore over 200,000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars, planets, satellites, and constellations. The star map updates in real time with the movement of the camera. StarWalk – Astronomy Guide is included to provide data on over 9,000 man-made satellites. Catch iridium flares and make a wish!


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Fishing Points

This app will be a significant tool if you want to outwit the angling competition with your friends on board. It enables you to save and find your favourite fishing locations on the sea, trotlines and trolling paths. Planning for fishing trip is not so much a challenge as it helps find the best fishing times using solunar data, tide prediction and weather forecast. A fish log can be created for sharing photos of your rewards from the ocean with your friends.