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A tailored solution to protect your most prized possessions – from limited edition vehicles to heirloom jewellery.

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A tailored solution to protect your most prized possessions – from limited edition vehicles to heirloom jewellery.

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Most material possessions are worldly and replaceable, but we all have a handful that aren’t – the ones that evoke memory and emotion. It might be an estate you wish to bequeath your children, a collection of art that illustrates your life journey, or even a set of bespoke golf clubs. These things are part of your legacy – things that define your passions.

AIG Singapore understands this. A leading global insurance organisation and one of Singapore’s renowned non-life insurers, it offers innovative solutions for premier clients seeking to protect their prized possessions. Aptly described as Passion Insurance, this suite of personalised plans under AIG Singapore’s Premier Client Solutions offers an even greater level of protection for your special valuables. AIG Singapore can help you to customise the limits of coverage you desire. Furthermore, your coverage can be adjusted as your wealth grows. Personal attention, expert handling of claims by specialists who understand the ins and outs of luxury assets, flexibility and full support during the handling of claims are a given.


Specially crafted insurance policies by AIG Singapore address the risks associated with higher value homes and valuables. In fact, AIG Singapore offers one of the most comprehensive coverage for homes, valuables and personal liability protection on the market. Your property will be protected against damage or loss regardless of cause, and the broad coverage – with a few specific exclusions – can be relied upon in times of distress.

For instance, if an incident makes your home uninhabitable, AIG Singapore extends coverage for your living expenses at a place offering comparable living standards and goes the extra mile by covering the cost.

Most importantly, AIG Singapore provides the expertise to install an approved loss prevention device to protect your home against the same loss in the future.

To create the most meaningful coverage solutions for individuals with unique lifestyles, AIG Singapore puts you at the centre of it all. So, when identifying the items to be protected, they assess them from your point of view – because the level of passion you have for your special possessions can’t be understood on paper alone. And because of that, a higher level of protection and customised limits are catered specially for treasured valuables such as jewellery, fine art, and other collectibles.

If you have high-value vehicles, AIG Singapore’s Elite Auto Plan further specialises in providing such cover in the event of accidents. Owners can protect their prized marques not only against floods and wind storms without affecting their No Claims Discount, but also for theft outside of Singapore. The plan also provides owners of high-value vehicles with superior claims service through SMS updates on their claims registration, as well as updates on vehicle repair status (with the contact number of the AIG Singapore claims adjuster), and when the vehicle is ready for pickup or delivery.


This means that you can proceed to accomplish your life goals – with peace of mind that the treasures you have accumulated are well taken care of.

Yet, reassurance comes with not just knowing that you will be compensated in the event of a loss. AIG Singapore representatives with years of real-world experience can lend practical advice on loss prevention. Indeed, life sometimes throws unexpected curve balls that take things out of your control. In such events, what policy holders of AIG Singapore’s Premier Client Solutions receive go above and beyond the coverage for damage or losses. It is heartening to know that damaged personal property can be repaired or replaced with new items in the event of a covered loss, while lost items can be reimbursed at cost without depreciation in value. And because AIG Singapore knows well the jet-set lifestyle of the elite, worldwide coverage is provided for contents and valuables damaged or lost outside of the home.

However, what might be even more meaningful is the access to experts who can solve your problems. If a stone has come off an heirloom jewellery piece due to an accident, AIG Singapore can find you the most suitable gem-setter to put it back together; if a toddler decides to doodle on your antique Senneh carpet, it can link you up with a restoration expert. And for those under AIG SIngapore’s Elite Auto Plan’s unlimited loss of use coverage, a courtesy car will be delivered to your door step – no matter how long the repairs take.

All these minimise disruptions to your life in the event of mishaps. Because what is truly valuable are the things without a price tag.

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Specially crafted insurance policies by AIG Singapore allow for customised limits covering valuables such as fine art and other collectibles.