Few are better suited to making men look their best than Hugo Boss.

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Few are better suited to making men look their best than Hugo Boss.

Things that are “made in Germany” are often found in the kitchen or garage – not the wardrobe. But the austerity and engineering DNA so prized in appliances and machinery actually work wonders for menswear, par-ticularly in tailoring. Which is why when you think of men’s suits, Hugo Boss comes imme-diately to mind. The fashion house has always taken a no-nonsense approach to form and function, priding itself on combining modern technol-ogy with classic tailoring instead of relying solely on artisanal tailors. This philosophy is evident in its Boss Made to Measure service – with numerous details and fittings involved – which has finally reached our shores this year.

Put simply, a made to measure suit involves making alterations to an existing pattern to suit the wearer, whereas a bespoke suit is cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for the customer. Before you put the former down as a less luxurious option, know that it is far more in demand due to the speed at which you will receive the final product (bespoke suits can take months; made-to-measure can be ready in as little as four weeks), and that it involves the same amount of skill and care.

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The fashion house prides itself on combining modern technologywith classic t ailoring instead of relying solely on a rtisanal tailors.

At Hugo Boss, that means each suit is engineered with precision. Precise individual measurements must be taken from head to toe for all 180 individual pieces to come together. Lightweight fabrics like camel and horsehair are selected for the chest canvas for suppleness and structure. These are then cut with laser-guided knives in the headquarters in Metzingen.

Measurements alone aren’t what make up a Boss Made to Measure suit. Customers can choose from approximately 250 fabrics and there are numerous colours for buttons, which come in mother-of-pearl, vegetable ivory and buffalo horn. Customers can choose their desired cuts and design of the shirt collar as well, completely changing the tone of the overall suit. For example, a classic Kent collar will work well with a traditional business suit, while a Shark collar may be selected for a trendier weekend look.

No detail is glossed over. The under collar is crafted from Irish linen and cashmere and each one is stitched by hand to maintain flawless shape, as are the button cuffs. The jacket, sleeve and waistband linings match the main fabric of the suit so as to complement the rest of the look.

While the tailoring is strictly German, the accessories are left to handcraft masters in Italy. The five-fold ties for instance, are made from fine woven silk, inlaid with pure virgin wool and available in a variety of lengths and widths. These too, can be lined with the same fabric as the accompanying shirt. Handrolled pocket squares follow suit, being available in coordinating silk or matched to the shirt cotton.

While the ties, pocket squares, cuffs and shirt fronts can be monogrammed, Boss Made to Measure takes it to the next level by also offering to stitch the wearer’s signature – perfectly replicated using laser technology – into the interior of the jacket and inner waistband.

This service ensures you never have to deal with the imperfect fit of off -the-rack offerings, and you will rest easy knowing that this suit, born from your unique tastes and proudly bearing your name, will always be one of a kind.

The Boss Made to Measure service is available at the Hugo Boss flagship store on Level 1, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City.

Call 6735-0233 to make an appointment.