The Hender Scheme MIP-10 pays luxe tribute to the Nike Air Jordan IV.

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The Hender Scheme MIP-10 pays luxe tribute to the Nike Air Jordan IV.
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Hender Scheme was recently thrust into the mainstream fashion spotlight when Adidas formally confirmed a new collaboration between the two, but even before this, the former label had been on the radar of Chris Lee, founder and creative director of design studio Asylum.

Lee, who ran the now-defunct cult multi-label boutique Asylum, is drawn to the Japanese brand’s Homage range of sneakers, which sees iconic styles like Nike’s Air Jordan and Adidas’ Stan Smith reconstructed in premium vegetable-tanned leather versions that are handcrafted in Japan. In fact, the skins are treated for up to eight months and it takes up to another three months to create the final product, making each pair truly a labour of love.

“I find founder Ryo Kashiwazaki’s idea of re-creating industrial, mass products using artisanal handmade methods very interesting,” says Lee, whose latest project – Notebook Vol 2: Inkling – sees him reimagining the utilitarian notebook. “The sneakers are made from natural leather, so they age beautifully as you wear them.” While sneakerheads with discerning taste might be most familiar with the brand’s re-creations of classic kicks, Hender Scheme, which was founded in 2010, also offers a range of unisex leather footwear and leather accessories in original designs.

These pieces are made using the same exacting processes and quality leather in Japan. Way to put your best foot forward.
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