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From footwear to formal suits, these are the home brands producing high-quality wardrobe essentials fit for every Singaporean.

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From footwear to formal suits, these are the home brands producing high-quality wardrobe essentials fit for every Singaporean.
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Powered Suits

The idea of buying a suit in a colour other than navy or grey – and particularly a very bright one – may strike you as counterintuitive. The trick is not to think of it as a suit but as a jacket and trousers that happen to go together. A bright suit, like this one from q.menswear, is definitely a more “fashion” option. Just don’t wear it to a funeral.

Suede loafers, $129, Pedro.

Single-breasted slim-cut jacket, $650, q.menswear.

Slim-cut pants, $250, q.menswear.

Cotton long-sleeved shirt, price unavailable, Ethan Men.

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Denim’s In

The versatility of the denim jacket makes it a mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. Wear it casual with a simple tee, or over a shirt with a knitted tie. Layering helps you stand out from the crowd, says Biro co-founder Chong Keng How, 34. And make sure it fits snugly to get that clean, city-slicker edge.

Denim jacket, $480, Biro.

Distressed premium pima crew neck, $59,

Sifr. Pants, $350, Biro.

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Major Blazer
The navy blazer tops every list of stylish essentials because it elevates everything else you own – including, nowadays, your jeans and trainers. But the boxy prep staple of yesteryear has evolved nicely at Deboneire into a slimfitting jacket with a tuxedo twist (and no brass butt ons). “The cut is still very classic,” says designer-founder Matt hew Gideon, 25. “We’ve just added some contemporary elements to it. Besides, navy is so easy to wear. It’s something guys are familiar with.”
Cotton shirt $285, Biro.

Mykonos blazer, $629, Deboneire.

Cotton trousers, $59, The Authority.

Laced up shoes, $129, Pedro.

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Tee Time

A plain T-shirt is as Singaporean as it gets. The Authority makes its relaxed rendition in muted colours with 100 percent cotton. “Our best-sellers are T-shirts,” says label founder Jasper Goh, 27. “We’ve also gotten lots of requests for the colour pink.” Pair it with this pair of jeans that punches up a familiar wardrobe staple with stripes.

Cotton tee, $59, The Authority.

Stripped denim jeans, $129.90,

Chota. Sandals, $73, Pedro.

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Classic White

The white shirt is your greatest multitasker. When you’re in one, you can get away with trousers that aren’t your basic black or brown. “The printed trousers are one of our best-sellers,” says Matt hew. But to steer clear of a tropical storm, stick to slim-fit trousers with prints in navy, black or shades of grey.

Cott on shirt, $109.90, Chota.

Florian blanc trousers, $189, Deboneire.

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Embrace Athleisure 

Sweatshirts aren’t just for home wear anymore. You can wear them on a date or out to drinks with friends. This graphic fleece keeps you athlete-level cosy and ahead of the style curve. Keep it simple and let it do all the talking by wearing it with dark jeans.

Shoes, $89, Pedro.

Denim jeans, $109.90, Chota.

Sweat shirt, $68, Sarah Thursday.