Gold, diamonds and pearls form the basis of the luxurious Diamond Life Infusion Ritual at Goodwood Park’s Spa Rael.

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"Gold, diamonds and pearls form the basis of the luxurious Diamond Life Infusion Ritual at Goodwood Park’s Spa Rael."

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For a truly luxurious facial that will make your complexion look more youthful and radiant, indulge in the Diamond Life Infusion Ritual at Spa Rael. This four-step treatment uses products from the Natura Bissé range from Spain to breathe new life into skin that looks dull and tired.

STEP 1: Diamond Luminous Cleansing Ritual
This step cleanses, renews and detoxifies the skin, preparing it for subsequent steps. After a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, your complexion feels well cared for, and the skin tone looks more even. The lavender-scented products calm your mind, enhancing the experience. 

STEP 2: Diamond Life Infusion Concentrate
This exclusive concentrate contains diamond dust and Bio-Magnet Nanosomes, which are said to produce a powerful retinoid-like effect by stimulating the cell-renewal process, improving skin tone and texture, and restoring luminosity.

STEP 3: Magnetic Massage
Four therapeutic massages are performed using the Diamond Experience Magnet Massager. They aim to reduce cellular inflammation, stimulate microcirculation, hydrate and regenerate cells, prevent signs of skin ageing, and dissipate headaches, fatigue and stress. 

STEP 4: Double Rejuvenating Mask
Two masks are applied: the LED Chromo-Rejuvenating Mask to stimulate collagen production, boost hydration and minimise fine lines and wrinkles; and the Diamond Experience Youth Infusion Bio-Mask, with gold and pearl extracts, to firm, contour and illuminate the skin.  

Visit Spa Rael at Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road (tel: 6732-9633). For more information, go to www.sparael.com.sg.  

Quote “HW 2338-SR” when you make an appointment, and harness the beauty benefits of this facial indulgence for $120*.
*Terms and conditions apply. Valid until Aug 31, 2016.

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