The Remedies

Bobbi Brown’s solutions to six common skin problems.

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Bobbi Brown’s solutions to six common skin problems. 

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The makeup artist has left her namesake brand, but her holistic approach to solving day-to-day beauty problems remains. Like how to make oily skin less oily; how to make our skin more travelproof; and what to do if our skin becomes irritated with a new product we’ve bet half our salary on. 
That’s the point of Remedies: five serums and one balm ($66 each) that address stuff which happens to our skin either all the time, or sometimes.
Skin Clarifier No. 75 is for pore and oil control; Skin Relief No. 80 is a calming complex for sensitive, stressed and reactive skin; Skin Moisture Solution No. 86 is for severely parched, uncomfortable skin; Skin Reviver No. 91 is for optimal skin health and damage prevention; Skin Fortifier No. 93 is for strength and recovery; and Skin Salve No. 57 is for super-dry, damaged skin.
“Each formula contains key super nutrients,” says Athena Chew, marketing executive of Bobbi Brown. “All of which were selected because they are widely recognised as effective singular ingredients that serve a purpose and deliver results.” For example, No. 91 has a power antioxidant made from fermented spinach and kale, and chlorella extract, and No. 57 has anti-drying shea butter and beeswax. Each can be used daily, individually, only where it’s needed, layered one over the other, and can complement any skincare regime.
Each can also serve as a booster, a skin-prep serum that goes on before other skincare. The only rule for the five serums: Always use them on clean skin. 
1 To instantly calm skin: Use 2-3 drops of Skin Relief No. 80.
2 To purify problem skin, apply 2-3 drops of Skin Clarifier No. 75 after a deepcleansing mask. Follow with an oil- free moisturiser.
3 To nourish dehydrated skin: 2-3 drops of Skin Moisture Solution No. 86.
4 For optimal combination-skin health: 2-3 drops of Skin Reviver No. 91.
5 To boost and strengthen skin: 2-3 drops of Skin Fortifier No. 93.
6 To help severely cracked and damaged skin repair itself: Skin Salve No. 57. Warm a little of this super-rich balm in your hands before patting it on. 
Remedies have no fillers or extras. They are produced via a cold-fusion technique that fuses the ingredients with minimal exposure to heat. This helps each ingredient maintain its integrity and potency.


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