Skin Inc’s Healing Infusion facial uses onsen water to moisten and comfort dehydrated as well as blemished skin.

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"Skin Inc’s Healing Infusion facial uses onsen water to moisten and comfort dehydrated as well as blemished skin."

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Sun exposure doesn’t just damage skin, it also leaves it dehydrated and blemished. When your skin is this sensitive, it requires extra care and attention with Skin Inc’s Pure Serum Mist (Onsen) Healing Infusion, a soothing and nourishing facial that uses thermal water from a Japanese onsen or hot spring.

At the heart of the treatment is its proprietary Pure Serum Mist. The intensely hydrating miracle worker infuses skin with moisture, thanks to the use of low- molecular weight hyaluronic acid whose smaller molecules penetrate skin more effectively, and efficiently binds moisture to skin. It helps to strengthen the skin barrier with the “7 Wonders of Onsen Water” – seven vital minerals that offer therapeutic benefits to skin. These minerals – magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine and carbonate – help to promote a healthy, radiant complexion.The serum mist is applied using an oxygen wand, after which an extra dose of oxygen is infused into skin. The combination of the oxygen and serum mist is designed to repair skin at a cellular level and accelerate healing.

The facial also uses Licorice Serum RELIEVE to reduce inflammation and soothe skin. It works in tandem with the Blue LED Anti-Pore Power Fix Mask, which is said to eliminate the bacteria that causes spots and pimples, reduce inflammation, prevent future breakouts, minimise sunburn and the appearance of pores and scarring, leaving skin smoother.

Continue the pampering by bringing home a bottle of Pure Serum Mist. You can even customise your own facial treatment by creating a turbocharged mist. How? Simply add two or three drops of one of Skin Inc’s nine concentrated serums to deal with specific concerns.

The Pure Serum Mist (Onsen) Healing Infusion facial ($188 for 45min) is available at Skin Inc, #B3-43 Ion Orchard (tel: 6222-7428) and #B1-23/24 Scotts Square (tel: 6536-6789 or 8218-0668). 

Enjoy the treatment and a bottle of Pure Serum Mist at $148 (UP $286). 

*Quote “ Her World  Spa Awards” when making an appointment.